Too Faced Reveals A Peach Palette Secret

Sold out. That's often the status of Too Faced's blockbuster Sweet Peach Palette. The juicy, delish smelling eyeshadow palette received an utterly epic response from fans of the brand. It's no longer available on the Too Faced site. It's not currently available at Ulta or Sephora, either. Sweet Peach is so insanely popular that Too Faced can't keep it in stock. It is leading to customer and makeupista frustration, but that's because the brand created such a terrific product. #ABlessingACurse. Too Faced's Jerrod Blandino, who is a master of the tease when it comes to new products, posted a sincere video on his personal Instagram, showing how sensitive he is to customer exasperation regarding this palette. In the video, he promised that everyone who wants a Peach Palette will eventually be able to get one. He also revealed a secret about the palette that explains why they can't keep them in stock.

Blandino clearly wants Too Facers to know that he is listening and he is doing his level best to help supply meet demand. He admitted that the team did not expect this intense of a reaction to Sweet Peach, saying, "If we had any idea that Sweet Peach would be as huge as it is, we never would have made it limited edition." But fans propelled it to cult, essential status.

The secret is that these palettes actually take months to manufacture. You don't just click a button and poof — more get made. That's a sign of quality. I never know it took so long to turn over new product until Blandino revealed as much.

This tweet pretty much sums up all the feels that makeup lovers have about this palette. It's truly a smash hit.

Blandino furthered, "It's not as simple as ordering more. It takes months and months and months to produce something like the Peach Palette."

There you have it, Too Faced fans and Peach Palette coveters. You need to be a bit more patient and accept that the brand is not withholding a product that is easy to manufacture in order to up its "stock" and value by making it impossible to get. These things take time. Believe that Blandino and Too Faced will make good on this promise.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (1); Courtesy Too Faced (3)