"Can't Stop The Feeling" Brings Out The Summer

As I type this, I'm getting a secondhand chill from the draft that blows through my window. In short, where I'm at, it's a weird time for the new Justin Timberlake track "Can't Stop The Feeling," and that's mostly because it feels like it's blessed with all the sunny energy we're missing in our lives. Maybe this will blossom into the summer anthem of 2016, or maybe we can just let it fuel us with positivity until we get there.

Even just looking at the video should give you a bunch of happy feels — how can you feel upset when you get a glimpse of Anna Kendrick lip syncing? Incidentally, "Can't Stop The Feeling" was written (and in said video features the cast of) Dreamworks Trolls, so I think it was constructed to basically be this year's "Happy." And it succeeds at that, I think: these lyrics are bound to keep you warm and make you think of happier times to come. Or remind us that we're not there yet. Either/or.

Yes, I'm profoundly concerned that Timberlake is still wearing a fedora in 2016, but man, I missed him. Check out the music video below to and then relive all those lyrics that'll help us make it to the summer.

1. "I Got This Feeling Inside My Bones/It Goes Electric, Wavey When I Turn It On"

Even though the only feeling in your bones comes from the windchill, and the only electric thing warming you is your radiator, you'll start daydreaming of walking through the park.

2. "All Through My City, All Through My Home/We're Flying Up, No Ceiling, When We In Our Zone"

Let this fuel all your happy memories of being able to drink red wine on your fire escape with your friends... nine months ago.

3. "I Got That Sunshine In My Pocket"

Because we don't have it in the sky.

4. "Got That Good Song In My Feet"

Because maybe, if you dance, it'll bring up your body heat.

5. "I Feel That Hot Blood In My Body When It Drops"

Except you feel cold-blooded, like a lizard who just needs to lay out on a warm rock.

6. "Under The Lights When Everything Goes, Nowhere To Hide When I'm Getting You Close"

OK, so if we huddle up and get a table near the heat lamp, we might be able to eat brunch outside this Sunday.

7. "So Just Imagine, Just Imagine, Just Imagine"

Just imagine being able to wear shorts again.

8. "Feeling Good, Good, Creeping Up On You"

Like it feels good knowing that in a month it'll be summer, even if it doesn't literally feel like it.

9. "Oh, It's Something Magical"

God, that's the only explanation for this weather. That, or global warming.

10. "It's In The Air, It's In My Blood, It's Rushing On"

Oh my God, am I getting a winter cold? No, no, no, I retired my Nyquil for the season.

11. "I Can't Stop The Feeling, So Just Dance, Dance, Dance"

Seriously, I can't stop feeling like my toes are going to get frostbite, I think dancing might help.

Sigh. I guess no matter what the weather is, you can't deny that this is a hot track.

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