Kal Penn is Heading to CBS to Young-Up the Place

Kal Penn, he of the White House and Harold and Kumar's White Castle adventures, has signed onto what's sure to be Everyone Ever's Favorite New TV SuperShow, Battle Creek , on CBS. Penn, alongside the series' creator (a little dude you might know named Vince Gilligan. He did a show called Breaking Bad, I think?) and showrunner (David Shore who created one of the all-time most popular shows in the world, House) will take up the unenviable task of reminding the universe that the eye-fronted network isn't just one for The Olds.

Considering CBS' viewer breakdown skewing to favor mostly folks over 40 (59% of their audience) and the general consensus that the network has made the elder generations its happy bedfellow. Of course, in the age of increasing necessity for life beyond the screen (marketers call this "going viral") in addition to a demand for higher quality, more engaging storytelling, the eye has undoubtedly seen the future and it is paved with more than a few CSI spin-offs. Given the success of The Good Wife, the network is on the right track — but this new superteam of iconic television are sure to move the bar well into that coveted 18 - 49 viewership.

Battle Creek is a drama about two detectives in — you guessed it! — Battle Creek, Michigan. One is an overly trustworthy naïve type, while the other a cynic, relying heavily on guile and deception to get the job done. Considering the description over at Deadline touts Penn's character to have "reservations" about a new F.B.I. agent, we're inclined to think his character is the latter.

Both detectives find themselves competing for the agent's approval, as he's some sort of be-all, end-all crime fighter, though considering this is a show from Antihero Lovers Shore and Gilligan, it's safe to assume he'll be far from that. Still — because it's Gilligan and Shore combined — meaning we're D-Y-I-N-G for this F.B.I. agent to be a Walter White meets Dr. Gregory House hybrid — we're also inclined to be really, really excited about the series and wish CBS well in what looks to be a successful transition out of the nursing home and into the 21st century.