8 Shaving Tricks That Make Everything Easier

by Elena Hart

If I'm being honest here, I don't like shaving. After all, if you don't have a few great shaving tips and tricks on lock, it's just another tedious and annoying thing that can cause pain and discomfort, not to mention the need to balance on one leg and look ridiculous. But, there's good news in this all-too-familiar scenario: There are quite a few shaving tricks that make shaving much easier. They'll help you walk out of the shower with smooth, soft skin that isn't red or irritated, instead of leaving you running to the medicine cabinet to grab a Band-Aid.

For example, the next time you're running late in the morning and realize you're out of shaving cream, use a bottle of soft, hydrating coconut milk conditioner as an upgraded replacement. This will save your poor skin from a skin-damaging dry shaving sesh (seems like everyone's been there) that can cause serious redness and irritation for days. Another way to stop razor burn from shaving is by switching up your tactics for shaving different areas of the body. (If you've never tried the method before, a hair removal cream as a razor-alternative could save you from getting harmful nicks and struggling with hard-to-reach spaces.)

So, if you want to know how to have a pain-free, smooth shave, remember these easy shaving hacks.

For Your Legs:

Natural Tea Tree Scrub Exfoliates For A Smoother Shave

Tea Tree Oil Exfoliating Scrub , $15, Amazon

You'll actually be able to execute a much smoother shave when you wipe away dead skin and build-up from your legs, before you even pick up your razor. This exfoliating body scrub contains tea tree oil to rejuvenate skin, while micro pumice and white willow bark work to smooth away roughness. Just rub this onto your legs and rinse before applying shaving cream, and you'll see the difference the natural botanicals make when it comes to getting itch-free skin that's softer and not irritated by your razor.

Essential Exfoliating Bath Glove Ensures You're Not Wasting Scrub

The Body Shop Bath Gloves in Coral Pink , $5, Amazon

Using an exfoliating glove to apply the smoothing scrub onto your legs ensures you're able to remove even more dead skin and rough patches. Not to mention, your tea tree exfoliating scrub won't go running down the drain because this glove keeps it packed tight against the skin. The gloves are texturized and, as a bonus, the spa-like massage will have you feeling calm and content when you're all done.

This Best-Selling Electric Razor Speeds Up Shaving (And Actually Lasts)

Panasonic Close Curves Women's Electric R azor, $19, Amazon

If you've been buying cheap throw-away razors since middle school, it's time to invest in an electric razor with three super-sharp heads that give you a faster, more balanced shave. This razor is cordless and completely waterproof, so you can take it into the shower with you. Bonus: This gadget even has a convenient pop-up trimmer for more precision in sensitive skin spots, such as your bikini line. Reusable razors tend to become dull and rust in no time, which can irritate your skin and leave you with rough, prickly legs — even after running the razor over your skin a hundred times.

Stuck on Reusable Razors? Shea Butter Baby Oil Slows Down Rusting Process

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Baby Oil Rub , $8, Amazon

If you prefer to use reusable razors, but you can't get two uses out of them before they rust, start cleaning them with shea butter baby oil. This particular formula will make your regular bag of disposables last way longer, as it effectively cleans them of excess hair, skin, or bacteria. This raw baby oil is infused with soothing chamomile, moisturizing shea butter, and softening argon oil — so you can also apply it to your skin as a protecting and smoothing shaving lotion. Users rave about this rub's natural smell, and you won't even have to kick your throw-away razor habit.

For Your Bikini Line & Underarms:

Try Shea & Cocoa Butter Hair Removal Cream As Razor Alternative

Bliss 'Fuzz' Off Bikini, Hair Removal Cream , $23, Amazon

If you're not keen on taking a razor to your bikini area, you're not alone. If you still want to remove hair there, though, this precision hair removal cream is a great alternative to using a razor where skin might be more sensitive. It's gentle with a hydrating shea and cocoa butter formula, and it will remove your most stubborn hairs using a chemical depilatory without drying out or irritating your skin. One user raves about this product for being much easier than shaving, in addition to making smoothness last way longer than when she uses a razor.

Remove In-Grown Hairs With Roll-On Witch Hazel, Sage, & Aloe Treatment

Ingrown Hair Treatment by Penchant , $18, Amazon

It sucks when ingrown hairs pop up after shaving — especially during bathing suit season. To rid yourself of the annoying bumps that make shaving difficult (even when they're not causing pain themselves), use this roll-on ingrown hair removal serum to clear skin and soothe redness and irritation. Witch hazel, aloe, and sage all work to calm the area, while keeping fingers off of it, and return skin to its pre-irritation state. Users even praise the product for showing results after only a few days.

Allantoin Cream Reduces Inflammation While Jojoba Oil Softens Skin

Bare Intimate Shave Lotion for Sensitive Skin, $17, Amazon

Raise your hand if you've ever had a painful cut or rash in your armpit or on your bikini line from shaving. This No. 1 best-selling rash-free shaving cream is essential to having a much more positive shaving experience near sensitive areas — thanks to its Allantoin that cuts down on inflammation. Formulated with moisturizing jojoba oil and vitamin B5, the cream hydrates and protects skin, keeping irritation at a minimum. It's super gentle and helps your razor glide over small patches of skin much easier. One reviewer said, "I got a close shave and afterwards, my skin felt soft and smooth, as if I had lotioned it. I love this shaving cream."

To Ensure You Always Have Shaving Solution On Hand, You Can Upgrade Conditioner to Coconut Milk:

Renpure Coco nut Milk Nourishing Conditioner , $9, Amaz on

Dry shaving (while quick and seemingly harmless) is a major no-no when it comes to having smooth, irritation-free skin. If you're always out of shaving cream, you can upgrade your haircare to products that also work for skin — in particular, this coconut milk conditioner. This one's formula will still keep skin soft and smooth, prepping it for an easy shave. Bonus: Users rave about this conditioner's delicious smell.

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