Here's When To Buy Jeffree Star's Skin Frosts

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is going to decimate wallets this month! The brand is launching Beauty Killer, its first-ever eyeshadow palette. It's also debuting the first four Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost highlighters. These babies offer serious shimmer and will help you get your glow on! While JSC has long been known for its mega matte Velour liquid lipsticks, the indie company is expanding rapidly with some (beauty) killer new offerings. JSC's diehard fans are eagerly awaiting Beauty Killer, which boasts 10 eyeshadows in an array of shades. The palette lands on May 25. But what about the highlighters? Previously, the brand indicated they would be available in mid-May but has now confirmed the actual date. When can you buy Jeffree Star Skin Frosts?

Mark those calendars — again!!! —for May 25, because that's when the $29 JSC Skin Frosts go on sale. Yes, it's the same day as the Beauty Killer palette. Start saving NOW so you can come away with a maaaaj makeup haul before Memorial Day Weekend. It's a big day for makeup fans and for the edgy brand, which is growing and offering more amazing items for its devoted customers.

Below is the Instagram post confirming the May 25 on-sale date for the super sexy Skin Frosts.

Which color is your favorite?! I am partial to Mint Condition, which is the soft, almost mermaid green shade. But Peach Goddess is pretty banging, too. Ah, whatevs. They are all amazing.

The signature and hot pink Jeffree Star Cosmetic packaging is also an instant mood elevator. Looking at it just makes me so happy. You can grab the Skin Frosts via the brand's official site, as it's a largely e-commerce brand.

Here is a previous packaging and teaser post, which indicated the more nebulous, mid-May date. It bumped to late May with May 25, but who cares! We know when we can shop and knowing is half the battle.

You can see all the swatches IRL and in video form here!

Now we know that the Skin Frosts land on the same day as the Beauty Killer palette. It's going to be quite colorful day for makeup mavens, who will happily yank out their credit cards, given their devotion to Jeffree Star Cosmetics and the fact that the brand always offers high quality, on trend products.

The brand indicated four more Skin Frost shades are coming in June. But May is shaping up to be JSC's best month yet.

Images: Jeffree Star Cosmetics/Instagram (5)