See The First Four Jeffree Star Skin Frosts

Expect some "Frost" this summer. Skin Frost, that is! Jeffree Star Cosmetics is launching its Skin Frost highlighters this month, along with its first-ever Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette. The Skin Frosts, which impart an insane glow, are due in mid-May per the Instagram captions of the brand's post and of namesake Jeffree Star's post about these babies. Beauty Killer is coming May 25. While Star is planning to reveal swatches of the Beauty Killer shadow shades this Saturday, May 7, the brand just shared four of the Skin Frost shades and they are uh-mazing. What colors are they?

Well, the $29 Skin Frosts are launching with four shades at first, with four additional hues to follow in June. The first four revealed shades span the spectrum. There's a peach shade, a golden hue, an icy white color, and even mint green. OMFG, right? The brand noted that limited stock will be available at RuPaul's DragCon this weekend, with the official launch date TBA very soon.

Why don't we pass the time waiting for the Skin Frosts to be made available and sold via the Jeffree Star Cosmetics site by "oohing" and "aahing" over the shades? Don't you love how the product is stamped with a star?

Based on the hashtags, we have King Tut, Ice Cold, Peach Goddess, and Mint Condition. They're all breathtaking and will let you create so many different highlighted looks. Glow, baby glow. You can go for warm depth or cool shimmer. I mean, options!! IDK about you, but I am having a serious staring contest with Mint Condition. It's cool AF.

We have seen the Goddess before.

Baby, it's Ice Cold and not because of the AC!

The hot pink packaging is so punk rock and sassy.

Anticipation for Skin Frost is high.

I so relate. It's hard to be patient when waiting for a product that looks this good.

See! The Peach Palette remains hotly coveted, as do the Skin Frosts.

Images: Jeffree Star Cosmetics/Instagram (4)