This Girl Ripping Her Hair Out During A Corn Drill Eating Challenge Will Make Your Organs Cringe — VIDEO

In the world of extreme viral eating challenges, the drill challenge went from being fun and weird to shocking and cringeworthy when an unassuming girl ripped her hair out doing the corn drill challenge on video, for the world to see. Last week, an extreme eater and vlogger nicknamed Eater Yang filmed himself eating corn on the cob on a power drill. In the video, he bares his teeth, turns on the drill and lets the corn spin under his teeth, stripping it of its kernels. Because people on the internet love to participate, this concept quickly turned into an interactive challenge, spreading across the web and into the households of hungry folk with power tools. A few days later, a young woman decided to partake in the video eating challenge herself, by hooking up a piece of corn to her power drill.

In the beginning of the video, the sweet-faced girl blinks excitedly into the camera, her long flowing locks worn like a cape around her shoulders. She powers up the drill, lowers her teeth onto the violently spinning piece of corn, and begins to gnaw. But as she leans into it, a piece of her thick tresses gets lured into the spinning drill bit, wrapping itself around and around and away from her head. In a matter of seconds the entire section of hair has been completely pulled from her scalp. The soon-to-be wound looks as clean as a bikini wax in the video, not a trace of hair or blood in that circle of fresh baldness — her scalp in just as much shock as she is.

The girl slowly brings her hand to her head, affirming its baldness. She pats the spot and brings her fingers into view, looking for blood, and answers. In complete shock, she looks deceivingly calm. It takes her a few seconds to put together what has happened and to assess the damage. The video cuts off before any of the pain or repercussions register in her face. As we, the masochistic viewers, are left to cover our eyes, moan with disbelief and then watch it again. See the video below.

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Here you go, you'e been warned:

While I'm becoming quickly unfazed by some of the wacky challenges that emerge from Asia, and some of the hair trauma that we've gotten used to in the states, I can't help but find this video extremely unsettling. The mix between the sweet nature of the girl and the vigor of the power drill make this video seem like cruel and unusual punishment. Here she is getting her wound treated:

Clearly, she's come to terms with the event and deemed it funny enough to upload online and share with millions. I guess we'll just have to wait for Ellen DeGeneres to find her and bring her onto her show so that we can get the full story and rest assured that she's a-OK now.

Images: YouTube