Our Favorite '90s Products That No Longer Exist

The 1990s were a time of some seriously cool and addictive beauty products and accessories. So it's kind of crazy that after spending all of that time collecting various dessert-flavored lip glosses and sparkly butterfly clips, some of our favorite '90s products don't exist anymore. And I get it. Time goes on and trends change. I mean, I probably wouldn't go through bottles of sugary-sweet lotion spiked with holographic glitter anymore, but it would be nice to know I could still buy some if I wanted to.

Of course, if you're really desperate to have your favorite product from the '90s back in your life, you may be able to find some third-party sellers here and there who still have your signature scent from decades past. You know, so you can stop hoarding the bottle with a couple of drops left just so you can smell it from time to time. Just kidding! I'll never let you go, Bath & Body Works Lemon Meringue perfume!

But seriously, I can't believe there are some must-haves from the '90s that we can't have anymore. As glad as I am that some staples stuck around (looking at you, CK One it's pretty sad how many fashion and beauty products from the decade just don't exist anymore, or are at least really hard to find. Here are 11 of my favorites:

1. Lisa Frank Nail Decals

Lisa Frank Hunter Ultimate Mani Pedi Kit, $19.99,

You guys, I think I need this in my life. Like now. But seriously, back in the day, when did you not want rainbow leopards on your nails?

2. Slap Bracelets

Rhode Island Novelty Slap Bracelets Assorted Colors And Patterns 50 Count, $17.85,

If you're still into these kind-of-painful-but-I-guess-cool bracelets from your childhood, they're now like butterfly clips. You can't find them as easily, but you can get a ton of them at once.

3. Bonne Bell Lip Gloss

Set of 4 Bonne Bell Lip Sheers, $35.79,

If I could bring back one thing from the '90s, this would be it.

4. Hemp Bracelets

Hemp Beaded Anklet or Bracelet, $5.50,

Whether you made them yourself or found them at the mall, nobody could touch your hemp-bracelet stacking game.

5. Feather Hair Sticks

Hair Stick, $17,

You may have tried to push it out of your memory, but there was definitely a time when you wanted your head to look like a peacock's butt.

6. Your HG Bath & Body Works Scent

Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Body Cream, $9.99,

Because whatever your favorite was, of course they decided to discontinue it. RIP Cucumber Melon!

7. Claire's Makeup

Claire's Cosmetics Brilliant Lip Gloss, $6.50,

Remember when Claire's had those other branches called Icing and Afterthoughts? Between those three stores, your '90s makeup needs were totally met.

8. Clip Headbands

Twist 'n' Clip Headbands 24 Pack, $24.90,

Your most BA hair days were always spent rocking one of these.

9. Stretch Headbands

Sport Plastic Stretch Hair Band Full Circle, $1.91,

I'd be totally cool with it if these made a comeback, like, today.

10. Art Stuff

Bath & Body Works Art Stuff Starry Sky Glitter Shower Gel, $24.03,

Yes, even our soap had to have glitter in it.

11. Jelly Bracelets

84 Piece Jelly Bracelets, $9,

They all had different, usually inappropriate, meanings. Not that that stopped us from collecting as many glow-in-the-dark ones as possible. But they never actually broke on their own, saving us from the promises associated with being given one.

What can I say? I guess we were into some kind of crazy things in the '90s.

Images: Courtesy of Brands