Kendall Jenner Walks in London Fashion Week: Instagrams That Predicted Her Fierce Future

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Kendall Jenner is taking over the runways. She shocked the world by walking Marc Jacobs in a see-through top, which was quickly followed by a seat next to Anna Wintour at Topshop Unique and her London Fashion Week modeling debut at Giles, where she wore intense blue under-eye shadow and greased-up model hair.

Is anyone else a little shocked that the fashion world is so open-heartedly embracing Kendall? We've been awfully cruel to the Kardashian clan in the past, throwing around words like "trashy" and "fame-mongering" instead of, I don't know, "couture goddess" and "put that girl on the cover of Vogue." But Kendall, at a slim 5'10", has always seemed destined for couture in a way that her sisters have not. Check out these Instagram snaps that have supermodel — or at least, supermodel lifestyle — written all over them.

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