We're Now Making Shows About Social Media Use

It's official, not only are we a social media obsessed culture, but, if ABC's newest development is anything to go by, we are now willing to indulge in obsessing over social media even on our television shows. ABC's new show, Selfie , starring Karen Gillan of Doctor Who tells the story of a woman who hires a PR specialist to piece back together her image after a video of her breaking up with her boyfriend becomes a viral sensation.

So needless to say, our incessant need to be on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/YouTube/Instagram will surely usher in more social-media-based entertainment over the next few years, and they're all going to make The Social Network look like a David Attenborough documentary in terms of depth and reality. Face it people, Chipotle is making television shows, ABC is developing shows about viral video victims, and culture as we know it is pretty much dying a gory death.

There's only so much time before we see shows like these being made by the big networks:

1) Grindr: A BBC Original drama, following the trials and tribulations of an aging man as he navigates the annals of love and lust (pun fully intended) on Grindr. Will he figure out what that little button means? And how can he stop that awful man from the flat just down the stairs from messaging him?

2) What's App With You?: Jennifer's whole life has gone off the rails since she mistakenly What's App-ed a co-worker instead of a friend of the same name whilst taking a sick day in order to go a friend's bachelorette party. Now, as she struggles to piece together the fragments of her career, and her ability to communicate online, she must slowly come to terms with returning to What's App, and by extension her life. Coming to Lifetime in late July.

3) Instagram; Los Angeles: Syfy's latest reality show follows a unit of undercover cops as they comb Instagram looking for potential drug busts. Every filtered photo of white powder, blunt wraps, or nugs is up for scrutiny as L.A's toughest cops try their hardest to rid the city of drugs. It's a hard life, snooping down the alleyways and into the carparks of L.A, but Detectives Andrews, Mitchell, and Scheen learn about their city and themselves as they painstakingly comb the streets of Crenshaw and Encino looked for smartphone users, who might have unknowingly just Instagrammed themselves into jail.

4) Real Housewives of Pinterest: What happens when you get too attached to your pinboards full of gourmet recipes and super cute Etsy knitwear? Michael Moore's newest documentary explores the lives of five women, united in their addiction to Pinterest, to flesh out how destructive it can be, when your life is reduced to nothing more than vegan recipes and make-up tutorials.

5) 'DM Me': A Love Story: Netflix's newest original series follows the story of two lovers, separated by thousand of miles and cultural differences. What began simply with a Direct Message on Twitter grows over time into a timeless love story spanning continents, decades, and 140 character word limits.