Rogelio's Crew Goes On Strike On 'Jane The Virgin' & Highlights The Importance Of Being Appreciated

No one likes to feel as though they're under appreciated, and yet that can sadly be a very common issue in a workplace environment, which Rogelio found out about firsthand during Monday night's episode. You see, Rogelio's crew decided to go on strike on Jane the Virgin and gave the telenovela star a wakeup call about how hard his production team works on a daily basis. Because while Rogelio could appreciate their desire for better hours and higher wages, there was one major problem with their mission: it would throw a huge wrench in Jane and Michael's wedding.

If you recall, the crew had worked tirelessly to recreate the flooded Villanueva for the ceremony. But if the workers go on strike, then it can't happen, so you see the problem. That's when Rogelio came up with a genius deal. If he's able to last as a member of the crew for one whole week, then they'd delay their strike until after the big day. And even though you'd expect Rogelio to complain the entire time, he was actually pretty amazing throughout the entire process.

Not only was he wrapping and running cables, but he was also doing some serious heavy lifting of various kinds of equipment. There was a lot of physical exertion involved, that's for sure, but I can't deny that it was nice to see him working behind the scenes and able to appreciate the things he usually takes for granted. And not only that, but he was doing it all for his daughter's happiness. He also managed to (temporarily) conquer his fear of heights for her when he was asked to change a lightbulb up on the catwalk. In fact, the crew was so impressed by everything he was willing to do for Jane that they agreed to hold off on the strike.

Unfortunately, though, Rogelio discovered that the higher-ups planned on firing the crew regardless, rather than hearing any of their concerns. Evidently, they felt the show could go on without them, which didn't sit well with Rogelio. Because while he originally became a member of the production team for Jane's benefit, he really does want the crew to get the rights they deserve. That's why he decided to notify them to do the picket line earlier than scheduled, even though it meant pushing the wedding up a little earlier than scheduled.

Sure, it's a little more inconvenient for Jane & Co., but it was the right thing to do and just proves once again how admirable and inspiring these characters can really be.

Image: Scott Everett White/The CW