Can You Still Buy Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003?

Le sigh. Pat McGrath's Skin Fetish 003 highlighter, available as a three-piece kit in two different shades, is officially an Internet-breaking product. All PMcG products, like her Gold pigment, are. Skin Fetish 003 flew out the door via McGrath's site. Both color versions are available at today, Tuesday, May 10, to much fanfare. Is Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003 totally sold out and unavailable? Or will you relegated to shopping third party sites and dealing with price gouging? And will Skin Fetish 003 be restocked?

If you seriously covet the ethereal glow that McGrath is known for creating backstage and on runways and desire Skin Fetish 003, which comes in Nude and Golden and helps you get that dewy finish, here is the scoop. Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003 is available at the Sephora site and at select Sephora locations. Sephora reps told Bustle in an email that the product goes on sale at 9 a.m. PST/12p.m. EST. #Soon.

It is not widely available at all Sephora outposts. Instead, it's shoppable at the NYC Times Square location, as well as stores in Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami, among others.

So I would suggest dropping whatever it is you are doing and getting online at the times noted above.

The Skin Fetish 003 locations are listed in the caption above. The three-piece set is $72, in addition to being seriously limited edition and hard to get. If you are geographically blessed and live near any of the Sephoras noted above, HURRY UP and shop! Do. Not. Delay.

Skin Fetish 003 is off-the-charts when it comes to awesomeness. Will the product will be restocked once the Sephora supply is drained? Sephora reps also told us in an email that "once it sells out, it's gone forever." So there is the period on the end of that sentence. Unless, of course, they drag it back out again due to demand. #WishHopePray

This is Nude, with its iridescent vibe.

You can be a Golden Girl with this hue.

I mean, yeah, of course I want to turn my skin on.

Skin Fetish 003 continues to break and win the web, thanks to a comment like that! This product is so coveted. Happy shopping, Skin Fetishists.

Images: Pat McGrath/Instagram (5)