Pat McGrath Makeup Line Will Happen... In 2016

Makeup mavens, hold on to your brushes! I come with some supremely exciting news. Makeup artist Pat McGrath will launch a full makeup line. That's the good news. The not-so-great news is that the range likely won't launch until late 2016. That might seem like an eternity to wait for a full complement of McGrath-designed and branded products. But it'll be here before you know it. Plus, McGrath will make limited edition items available sooner than later via Pat McGrath Labs.

"We're doing this in a very untraditional way," McGrath said in a press release. "With Pat McGrath Labs, I'm now able to bring innovation to the public almost instantly."

The in-demand McGrath launched her first product, Gold 001, multi-dimensionsal, microfine pigment, last month to much fanfare. Gold 001 will be available for sale on her Pat McGrath site on Thursday, October 29. It is limited to just 1,000 units and comes with a $40 price tag.

It's not quite enough to tide makeupistas over until the McGrath makeup collection is here and a reality. But it certainly stokes the fires of anticipation.

McGrath's recent makeover of beauty icon Barbie and her work on the COVERGIRL Star Wars collection are all you need to see for proof that she is one of the most talented artisans working in the makeup medium today.

The idea of more McGrath makeup is really thrilling. Gold 001 is a unique product, since it allows the user to craft gilded eyelids or to highlight their facial features, getting creative along the way.

It might not be ideal for everyone and it's not easy to get your hands on. But that's okay, since there are tutorials for getting the gold look.

So what do we know about McGrath's makeup line? Well, there is a difference between the in-development full series and what's being offered under the "Pat McGrath Labs" umbrella in the here and now.

1. The Makeup Line Will Not Be Called "Pat McGrath Labs"

Pat McGrath Labs won't be the name of the line, according to Women's Wear Daily. That's just the platform on which she will sell items, like Gold 001, immediately. That product comes with a "second-life container," Mehron Mixing Liquid, and a spatula. McGrath noted to WWD that the formula is "volatile" and can break. But she noted, "It's not the end of the world. You just scoop it into the other container." Amazing!

2. Limited Edition

Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Pat McGrath Labs platform will sell limited edition and limited-run items that McGrath wants to get into the public's hands ASAP, reports WWD. Gold 001 is available with a limit of one per customer. The drawback of the quick public availability of Gold 001 is that it can’t be mass produced.

3. Forget Patience!

Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The reason that Gold 001 is being made available now is simply because McGrath is excited about the products she is developing and cannot wait! The artist told WWD, "I was in the labs, working on my [full] line, and I saw this incredible gold. This is something I couldn’t sit and wait a year for. That will be the kind of platform Pat McGrath Labs will offer."

So it's all good news. McGrath is developing a full line but she will make certain, limited products available along the way and leading up to launch. That's a win-win for makeup mavens and it feels like a staggered launch. It's a brilliant marketing strategy.

Image: Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs (2)