Twitter Is Loving Jefree Star's Makeup Brush Set

Brace yourself, because another pretty pink product is coming to your makeup table. Jefree Star Cosmetics created pink makeup brushes in collaboration with Morphe Brushes, and Twitter is going crazy over the new launch. If you thought this vogger's makeup empire was slowing down anytime soon, then you were seriously mistaken.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics has officially taken over your summer 2016 with the amazing product launches. I guess when you've got killer highlighters and an eyeshadow palette coming out, it only makes sense that makeup brushes would be next on the list. In just a short time, this company went from only having liquid lipsticks to a full makeup collection, and people are noticing. To say that his fans are excited about the new Morphe Brushes launch would be an understatement.

It's clear to see why people are so excited about the launch too. From the looks of the video he posted to his Instagram, the Jeffree Star x Morphe Brush Set is a completely game changer. With three gorgeous pink chrome handles and vegan, cruelty free bristles, this is a makeup lover's dream. The set will come as a pack of three, but my guess is that they'll be pretty affordable considering Morphe loves to stay at drugstore prices.

"It's been really hard not to say anything, but me and Morphe have been cooking up some pink chrome magic," Star says in his video. "Ugh this summer's going to be so fun."

Considering he's got a four different highlighters, a new eyeshadow palette, and now Morphe Brushes coming out, the excitement is seriously growing. People have gone crazy showing just how excited they are for all the new summer launches that the makeup company has in store. Note how almost all of the reactions are in all caps.

Just the announcement has this fan feeling blessed.

What Momma wants, Momma gets.

The man is a makeup machine!

Just take it all!

I've never seen someone this excited to save money.

It's not a matter of want, it's need.

Again, need is the appropriate word.

But really why'd he have to go and do this all at the same time?

Something tells me the screaming will continue until these adorable little tools hit the market.

Summer can't come soon enough!

Images: jefreestar/Instagram