Jeffree Star's Pink Chrome Makeup Brushes Are Fire

I've been preaching that 2016 is the year of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, thanks to the new shades of its signature Velour Liquid Lipstick, along with the joint launches of the Skin Frost highlighters and the Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette. Jeffree Star Cosmetics pink chrome makeup brushes are next on the docket and OMFG! These babies are absolutely stunning and of course they are pink. I mean, is there any other color?! Brand namesake Jeffree Star is quite a fan of the hue, from his hair to his iPhone to his nails to his lips to his packaging! Most JSC products come in hot pink cases and boxes. So, yeah, you could say it is Star and his company's sig shade. But the pink chrome brushes are, like, next level when it comes to makeup domination for Star. They are a collabo with Morphe Brushes and they are everything. When will these pink tools of life be available?

Velour Liquid Lipstick, $18,

According to a video post on Star's personal Insta, they will be here this summer. He did not share an exact date. I am thinking sometime in late June or maybe later, simply because he has both the Skin Frosts and Beauty Killer landing on May 25 and has said that four additional Frosts will be available in June. The brand's growth has been exponential in recent months so it's totally understandable if it takes a sec for these brushes to land.

Skin Frosts, $29,

Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette, $45,

Aren't they gorgeous? From the pink chrome handles to the densely packed bristles, I am blown away by the brush beauty. Even the heads are pink. As Star states, he has cooked up pink chrome magic. They are almost too pretty to use. OK, strike that. I would use these every day. The sweet shade would be a morning mood elevator. Who doesn't want to add a little pink chrome to their life or at least to their makeup collection and AM routine? Sign me up? Yeah, I already did that.

TrendMood also posted shots of the brushes. From this angle and filter, dem bristles are definitely and deliciously pink.

Star is always thinking (and rocking) pink.

It's also worth noting the brushes are vegan, so the hairs are not animal-derived. JSC's commitment to cruelty-free, as well as its quality, on-trend offerings, are what inspires disciple-like devotion among makeup lovers.

This succession of comments and emojis encapsulates all of the feels about these brushes. This is what happened in my brain when I first saw the brushes.

There is serious commitment here.

Makeup prayers have been answered.

Ima repeat what so many Jeffree Star fans have been saying. Take my money, please.

JSC brushes should be available via the brand's site, as it's largely an e-commerce company. We will update you as more info, like an exact sale date, becomes available.

Images: Jeffree Star/Instagram (2); TrendMood/Instagram (1)