11 Little Ways To Salvage Your Weekend When You Can't Get Time Alone

By the time Friday rolls around, I'm ready for my zen weekend, alone. Before the work day is done, I'm already fantasizing about the weekend of peace and quiet ahead of me. I'm giddy at the idea of having no plans and spending a few days doing what I want, when I want, without anyone around to interfere. The chaos of a work week with really takes it out of me, so having time to regroup over the weekend is not just a preference, it's a necessity. If I don't get what I need out of the weekend, I'm totally screwed up for the following week and Monday feels like a curse.

That said, I can't always ensure that my weekend is going to come and go uninterrupted. Sometimes a friend will pop in, sometimes my roommates will be feeling extra social, sometimes my siblings hang around. And because I'm trying to avoid being the closest human thing there is to the Grinch, I've had to figure out ways to find that zen place when the conditions aren't in my favor. There are less obvious ways to get to your happy solo-space when you're not alone. It's just a matter of being creative, finding the time and using it wisely. These are 11 ways to salvage a zen weekend when you can't get that coveted alone time you wanted:

Start Your Morning With Meditation


In those first few moments you have alone right after you wake up, stay still and meditate. Spend at least 10 minutes clearing out your mind, focusing on your breathing and checking in with yourself. This small prep will help you to stay centered during your social duties later on in the day.

Take Your Time In The Shower

The point of finding your zen while you're spending time with other people is not to avoid them, but rather to make the most of the time you have to yourself. During the week you probably rush through your showers. Don't keep your guests waiting hours, but do take your time in the shower. Use your favorite soaps, stand under the hot water for as long as you like and take your time moisturizing when you get out.

Stretch It Out

Maybe you don't have time to take that long run you told yourself you would take. There's always time to stretch, though. Before you leave your room, take a few minutes to bend and stretch it out. It will get your blood flowing and give you more energy. Not to mention, it feels amazing. But take your time, you don't want to pull a muscle.

Dress For Comfort


Just because you're going to be around other humans doesn't mean you have to ditch your sweatpants and no bra plan. Find a happy balance, maybe some leggings and a loose-fitting shirt? The more comfortable your clothes, the more relaxed you are.

Have Yourself A Cup Of Tea

Tea is both aromatic and soothing. Make yourself a hot cup of fragrant tea, add some honey and ginger and wow yourself with your ability to be around people and feel zen AF. You could be having breakfast with a dozen loud people and still feel relaxed with the right cup of tea.

Find The Sun


Whether you're going out to lunch, going window shopping or hanging out in park, make sure you're on the sunny side of the street. Sitting in the sun (with suntan lotion) will give you the vitamin D you need, and help to enhance your mood and brighten your disposition. A few minutes in the sun can keep you feeling warm and calm throughout the day.

That's Why They Call Them "Essential" Oils

Lavender oils tend to make people feel relaxed, while citrus oils can make people feel energized. Find the oil that makes you feel best and keep it in your pocket. When your day starts to get ahead of you, put a dab of oil on the inside of your wrist and transfer it to your neck. A few sniffs of a calming oil will bring you back to yourself in no time.

Write It Down

If you're starting to feel stressed or overwhelmed on your no-stress weekend, take a minute to write it down. Putting words to your feelings sometimes reduces their power and their effect on you. If you don't have time to sneak away and write in your journal, simply open up a new notes tab on your phone and type the stress away.

Play Your Jams


Put on relaxing music whenever you can. Whether you're in the car, at home, or walking down the street, make sure you have access to some zen music. A soundtrack has the power to change any vibe.

Laugh It Out

Sometimes a good laugh can be the most calming remedy. Allow yourself to be present with your unexpected guests, rather than frustrated with the interruption. Letting your guard down and surrendering to the situation might be the most relaxing thing you do all week.



I know people are always quick to tell you that water can cure anything, but it can, so don't roll your eyes. If you weren't planning on drinking this weekend but find yourself with your paws around a glass of Chardonnay, don't sweat it, have fun, but also have two glasses of water to make up for it. The more water you drink, the less likely you are to run into the negative effects of alcohol. The last thing you want on your zen weekend is to wake up with drinker's guilt.

Images: Pexels, Giphy