What's In The MAC Soft Serve Collection?

by Melodi Erdogan

If your wishes for scrumptious, pastel makeup products have yet to come true so far this spring, then wish no more. What's inside the new MAC Cosmetics Soft Serve collection will fulfill all your dreams and then some. Made up of Soft Serve Shadows featuring a unique formula along with Dare Hue! Brow Pencils, both in stunning, pastel colors, be prepared to feast your eyes upon the tasty and gorgeous MAC Soft Serve collection.

Really though, you'll have to refrain from biting into your computer or phone because these stunning products come in colors that actually look like they could make up your dream cone of soft serve ice cream. From the 12 Soft Serve Shadows in a creamy, buildable, and bouncy textures to the six Dare Hue Brow pencils in beautiful, pastel shades, I guarantee you've never seen as brightly pigmented, pastel shades as these.

That's right, the time for pastel lids and brows has finally come. I will admit, though, that the products in MAC's Soft Serve Collection aren't your everyday makeup products. But they sure are beyond pretty for anyone who loves a colorful, dramatic look, pops of color, or pastel makeup goodness.

And there's not long to wait if you're already on the edge of your seat. Slated to release alongside the latest Brant Brothers MAC Collection (which is also amazing), Soft Serve will be available online May 26, and in MAC stores from June 2 through July 14. Plus, even if you aren't a fan of the makeup shades (it will be hard not to fall in love once you scroll down, I promise), the release also comes along with a brand new brush to the MAC range, the 248 Small Eye Shader, for precise and buildable shadow on your eyelids.

I hate to say it, but these makeup products aren't edible (I'm disappointed too, trust me). Even so, they are stunningly unique shades in fun, exciting products. So mark your calendar and break out your savings, because there are seriously lust-worthy.

Ahead you'll find the 12 Soft Serve Shadows ($22), as well as the six Dare Hue! Brow Pencils ($16.50), and the new 248 brush ($25). Yes, they're stunning. Yes, you'll want them all. And yes, you may start drooling. Because they truly are that good.

Soft Serve Shadow ($22)

Bounce Around — Pearl

The metallic silver in this taupe shade looks like the perfect base for some dark but striking colors.

Quite Yummy — Satin

Be prepared to make Quite Yummy your new favorite eyeshadow in your arsenal.

Cushy Life — Pearl

Cushy Life is a perfect warm, golden beige.

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Put Me To Shame — Satin

Talk about a breathtaking eye shadow shade!

So So Saucy — Satin

So So Saucy is a very fitting name for this dark coral shadow.

Plead Gilty — Pearl

Eye shadow or pastel egg? Either way, there is no denying it's gorgeousness.

Jealous Girl — Satin

Wow. Just wow.

Must Be Lust — Pearl

A copper coral? Must Be Lust is so unique.

Girls, Girls! — Satin

This bright purple speaks to me.

Best Make Up — Pearl

Talk about a perfect peachy, satin highlight shade.

Big Bad Blue — Satin

I don't think I would ever take this bright blue shadow off.

Softened Up — Satin

This dark brown shade is totally wearable, and a little less intense as the other colors.

Dare Hue! Brow Pencil ($16.50)

Violet Infused

As you would imagine, the perfect pastel violet shade.

Blonde Not Bland

This pastel peach would look gorgeous alongside the Soft Serve eyeshadow, So So Saucy. Peach for the win!

Pink Confetti

Pink eyebrows? With Pink Confetti it will be easy and chic.

Frisky Fresh

Get your eyes fleeky fresh with Frisky Fresh.

What A Highlight

Brow highlight is a thing. And something tells me What A Highlight would be perfect for it.

Clearly Groomed

This nude beige color of Clearly Groomed is the closest you'll get to your typical brow pencil in this collection. Even so, it's still gorgeous.

Brush ($25)

248 Small Eye Shader

A perfect shadow brush to apply your brand new Soft Serve eye shadows.

Does it get more gorgeous than this for a makeup collection? Good luck choosing just a few favorites to purchase, because we all know you want them all!

Images: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics