The MAC X Brant Brothers Unisex Line Just Expanded

Guys are always free to use any and every makeup product on the market, but ones that have been tested and specifically designed for men and women are always an exciting beauty development. So, when will the MAC Cosmetics X Brant brothers unisex collection be available for all of us to shop, already? You won’t have to wait much longer to rock this makeup.

With products designed for your face, brows, eyes and lips you’ll be able to wear a full face of the brothers’ creative, unisex range and soon! The collection goes on sale online on May 26 and will be available in stores June 2 through July 14. Your summertime going-out look is about to get even better. The Brant boys are known for their partying, so I’m sure they’ve created makeup that will last from dusk ‘til dawn.

The pieces in this collection are an extension of the brothers’ first MAC collaboration, which launched September 2015. From long-lasting lip stain to brow gel that’ll keep that brow line perfectly in place, there’s certainly something both of the sexes can enjoy here because who wouldn’t want a flawless pout and brows on-fleek?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new favorite makeup line.

A sparkling eyeliner will really set the tone for your entire look. So, slather it on thick!

This palette will give you the perfect smokey eye. What more could you want in life?

A variety of red shades will allow girls and guys alike to add some classic color to their pout. Because there's no going with a bold red lip. It's such a power move!

Slick on some brow gel to get those hairs in juuust the right place before heading out of the door.

With all of these products combined, you're ready to take on the world.

You better work!

Images: Courtesy MAC Cosmetics (6); Giphy (1)