The New Champagne Glow Is Pretty Different

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you should know that Jaclyn Hill and Becca have created a brand new highlighter to add to the makeup family. Well, it's time to brace yourself because even more exciting details about the shiny new product are finally here. Although it's not clear exactly what's in the Champagne Glow Face Palette, Hill has given her fans an up-close and personal look to the glow that is Champagne Pop's little sister. How is the new cheek highlight different than the infamous product? It's got the same amount of shine, but a completely different undertone.

At least a part of what made Champagne Pop so popular was the fact that everyone could wear the shade. It was the perfect mix of pearl, pink, and gold to match with every single skin tone out there. Now that there's a brand new Jaclyn Hill x Becca highlight on the market, I can only hope that it does the same. The makeup artist has been teasing the product for almost a week now, but the first face swatch is finally here.

In the words of Hill herself, you will be living, breathing, dying, sneezing, and slaying this product as soon as you see it. Hill used the secret highlight in her most recent beauty tutorial, and posted a picture of the look to Instagram showing off the shine. From the looks of the photo, it's a got a gold undertone.

How stinkin' gorgeous is that?! While it doesn't have the exact same shine factor as Champagne Pop, it does pack a gorgeous punch. In my opinion, it looks a lot more natural on the cheek than her first highlight did. Here's a photo of Hill wearing Champagne Pop for comparison.

Hill also swatched the new highlight on her Snapchat for her fans to see. In the photo you can clearly tell that the new product is much more gold than Champagne Pop. I'm just hoping that the new color is still just as universal as its big sister.

The packaging is also a lot different than the first round of highlights. Instead of being in a tiny, golden three pack package, the new Champagne Glow palette is bright white and gold. It's also a lot bigger than the original palette, which has me thinking that it could include a lot more than just the highlight.

According to Becca's Instagram post, there's only one more week until the big launch. Seeing as people are freaking out over just the first looks, I can't wait to see how people react to the actual launch. There's no word on whether this is a limited edition product or not, but, if you recall, Champagne Pop was also limited edition until Becca realized how in demand the color was.

I can't wait to see what it looks like in person!

Images: JaclynHill/Instagram