Will He Redeem Himself on 'Portlandia'?

It's time to get funky, everybody, and this newly-released clip from Portlandia Sesaon 4 has my hopes up for an even weirder season, complete with some killer celebrity guest stars, including Steve Buscemi. Past seasons of the Carrie Brownstein Fred Armisen special have included a high-voltage roster of guest stars: Andy Samberg, Edward James Olmos, St. Vincent, Jeff Goldblum, and Eddie Vedder are only a few of a long list of bit parts. Sadly, not all of these cameos were set up for maximum laughter, and Steve Buscemi's last cameo was particularly unamusing.

Steve Buscemi last appeared in the pilot of Portlandia, which was hilarious, but his segment barely added to the otherwise gut-busting portrayal of hipster Portlanders. In the episode, Steve walks into the infamous "Women and Women First" bookstore to use the bathroom, and is berated by Candice and Toni. Although this first encounter with the two quirky feminists was memorable, it forced Steve Buscemi to play the straight man, which, frankly, bored me to USDA-organic tears.

Luckily, the new clip, called "The Celery Incident," shows Steve redeeming his past Portlandia appearance with some fresh offbeat comedy. I love the noir feel of this bit, I love seeing Buscemi and Brownstein chatting in hushed tones, and I think you'll love his obsession with green vegetables. Buscemi's performance gives me hope that this season of Portlandia will expand the scope of hipster comedy. Check it out: