When 'New Girl' Season 6 Premieres, These 9 Guest Characters Need To Return

Cece and Schmidt may be finally getting married on New Girl, but hopefully we won't have to wait long to see their happy ending begin. When will New Girl Season 6 premiere? The Fox series was officially renewed for another season, so when will it air and which returning guest stars can we look forward to?

There's no premiere date yet, but I don't think that Fox has any plans to fool around with the schedule. Season 5 aired at midseason partially in order to work around Zooey Deschanel's real life pregnancy, but previous seasons have debuted in the fall. This also allowed Season 5 to run without any long breaks. Does this mean we have to wait until next year to see more New Girl? I certainly hope not!

In an official Fox press release, president David Madden said that "the series is as creatively strong today as it ever was," and that the network "can’t wait for the next subversive and hilarious chapter of these characters’ lives.” So, I think its safe to say that the show will return in the fall of 2016, most likely around the middle or end of September, instead of January 2017.

When the show does come back for Season 6, what shake-ups to the loft do they have in store? This show has really started to collect an impressive number of characters who have only been in a few episodes, but leave their mark. Here are some New Girl favorites that I want to see more of in Season 6.

1. Reagan


This may or may not be a given, considering Nick's feelings for Megan Fox's character.

2. Daniel Grant

I fully expected Jess to come back from jury duty with Jon Cho's lawyer character on her arm. What happened to him? The internet is finally realizing that Cho needs to be in everything, and that includes New Girl.

3. Elizabeth

I don't want anything to come between Schmidt and Cece, like ever, but Merrit Wever's character was too sweet to give up.

4. Sadie

June Diane Raphael may be killin' it on Grace and Frankie, but she was one of my faves in the early New Girl seasons.

5. Diane


Sam's "girl that got away" needs to get back, ASAP.

5. Julia Cleary

Nothing was better than watching Zooey Deschanel and Lizzie Caplan debate femininity on this show. Nothing.

6. Bearclaw

I know Josh Gad is probably off Olaf-ing in Frozen 2, but his character on New Girl was too precious.

7. Connie


Busy Phillips only made a brief appearance as Nick's business competition, and I think there's more she could do in Season 6.

8. Rhonda


Sonequa Martin-Green has to come back if Winston wants to end his prank marriage, and I couldn't be more excited.

9. Elaine (& Shivrang)


Well, don't you wanna know how these crazy kids are doing? There are so many fun characters to check in with on New Girl, so fingers crossed that when Season 6 returns, they do as well.

Images: Jennifer Clasen/FOX; Giphy (5); andriewdwyer, ness-new-girl, whosthatgirl-itsjess, cafexuada, schmidtsburg; Tumblr