Lisa Vanderpump's Gift For Her Daughter Is Insane

It's official: Lisa Vanderpump is not only the best mom, but also the best gift giver. For her daughter and son-in-law's 30th birthdays and their fifth wedding anniversary, Lisa Vanderpump gave Pandora and Jason Sabo a fully-furnished home. Yeah, that sounds about right. When doesn't LVP go big?

To be clear, Lisa only put a down payment on the Los Angeles-based house, but still. They got a house! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her husband, Ken Todd, decorated it exactly how their daughter would want it, because of course they did. As you can imagine, Pandora was beyond surprised.

While chatting with the Daily Mail, Pandora revealed she thought she was going to a dinner party, when in fact she was walking into her new home. "I cannot believe as I walked in — thinking I was going to dinner — that my mother had poured her heart and soul into the most perfect house I’ve ever seen." She added, "I could tell that every little display, piece of furniture and layout was designed with me in mind." The now 30-year-old "cried profusely" over her birthday surprise.

One may think that having your parents decorate your home could go badly, especially if they don't have your taste, but that didn't happen here. "The attention to detail and reflection of my taste is utter perfection and the fact that she did this all by herself in so little time is astounding," Pandora said. "My father’s touches on the house too were the sweetest present I could dream of and the fact that my parents dedicated so much time and effort to this for me makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world."

As can you see above, Lisa is also pretty happy with her surprise. She told the Daily Mail, "It’s a parent’s dream to be able to give their kids a leg up in this world. Especially when your kids are hard working, altruistic and good-hearted."

And just look at the backyard of this beautiful home, which totally looks like Lisa and Ken's home, Villa Rosa. You can see other photos here.

It's truly exciting, however, Lisa said it is "a gift that definitely comes with responsibilities." Well, they do have to pay a mortgage, but who cares, because Pandora and Jason are owners of a gorgeous new home (and I'm sure they can handle the finances).