The Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Swatches Are Gorgeous

YouTube beauty video addicts, take note, because today is a big day in the beauty world for star vlogger Jaclyn Hill. The makeup artist is releasing the Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Part 2 Palette, and Tuesday she shared the first glimpses of the shades in the palette on Instagram and Snapchat. But let's be real, you're really looking for the Jaclyn Hill Becca Part 2 Palette swatches, because who doesn't want to know how those gorgeous shades look on skin?

The MUA's Part 2 Palette includes five products: her crazy-popular Champagne Pop highlighter, a new highlighter shade called Prosecco Pop, and three blush shades, which come in a shimmer, matte, and satin finish. The vlogger shared this all on her Snapchat Tuesday (username: jaclynrhill), and she explained which shades were which, showed the palette in natural light and did some swatches on her skin so fans could get a feel for how the shades will look on. From the shimmery pink blush to the darker matte color to the lighter and brighter Prosecco Pop highlighter, the shades all look amazing on Hill. And that's just on her arm. Imagine how great they'll look on your face!

Here's Hill's Instagram of the palette:

The highlighter on the right is the new Prosecco Pop shade.

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Here's the whole palette from Hill's Snapchat reveal.

And here's the whole palette in natural light.

Here's the blush shades in natural light. So gorgeous, right? From right to left, they're what Hill described as satin, matte and shimmer.

Here's the Prosecco Pop shade on Hill's skin as well.

Here's another look! The shade on the left is Champagne Pop, the right is Prosecco Pop, and the little hint you can see all the way on the righthand side of the screen is how the shades look blended.

How great is it that Hill shared this with her most loyal fans on Snapchat? Now, we'll just have to wait for Hill to announce when and where the palette will go on sale.

Images: jaclynrhill/Snapchat