Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop Is Easy To Shop

By now, you've probably heard the good news. The formerly limited edition Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop highlighter is now permanent and will remain a part of the Becca Cosmetics range of products. The popular YouTuber created this soft, white gold highlighter with peachy undertones in conjunction with the brand and its shimmery goodness is so special and so beloved that it demanded to be upgraded from temporary status. In honor of its newly-minted permanence, you're probably wondering here can you nab the Jaclyn Hill x Becca Champagne Pop highlighter.

It’s exclusively available at Sephora for $38. That means it's relatively easy to grab, provided that it remains well-stocked and plentiful. Therefore, you should be able to obtain one quickly since Sephoras are like Starbucks (read: everywhere).

Makeupistas weren't so much fans of this product as they were devotees, taking to Twitter to proclaim their undying Champagne Pop love.

So, that's the hype. Are you convinced you want to try it yet? You know you do!

The highlighter, which adds a gorgeous golden glow to cheekbones and helps to sculpt the face, was an instant cult classic upon its August 2015 launch. So it was a brilliant business move for the brand to make it a full-time addition to its roster of products.

It's so pretty and it plays nice with all skin tones.

Hill even offered her custom tips on how to apply the product she created. She would know how to best make use of and how to take full advantage of this peachy awesomeness.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hill is certainly a beauty influencer and she has such great style. I am loving her leather mini with a slit. What an amazing basic.

Here's a recent shot of Champagne Pop in action on Hill herself. It really does illuminate the skin.

Another good thing about Champagne Pop becoming a permanently offered item is that fans no longer have to bogart a stash and gobble up an armful at once for fear of it running out and being impossible to find. That's a big relief among beauty mavens.

Images: Becca Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Jaclyn Hill/Instagram (1)