This Is What's In The Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Palette

The news of the new Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Cosmetics collaboration is super hot in the beauty world right now, and the YouTube beauty star today released the first look of her latest product, a gorgeous palette with five shades that includes her insanely gorgeous (and popular) Champagne Pop highlighter, another highlighter, and three blush shades. What else could a makeup-loving person ask for? The Jaclyn Hill x BECCA palette products are super pigmented and come in a range of textures. You have to check out what the MUA and cosmetics company came up with.

Hill posted the first picture of the palette on Instagram, which she followed up with a Snapchat-exclusive look at the palette. It includes three shades of blush and two shades of highlighter, and they're all totally unique. The Champagne Pop highlighter, her signature product, is included in the palette, and it's as shimmery and light as ever. Also included is the Prosecco Pop highlighter, a slightly less pink shade that's a little brighter. The three blush shades come in different textures: matte, shimmer, and satin. The matte shade is a deep pinkish mauve shade, shimmer is sparkly pink, and satin is a bright, highly pigmented pink.

It's so gorgeous, right? Clockwise from top left: shimmer blush, matte blush, satin blush, Prosecco Pop highlighter, Champagne Pop highlighter. While some palettes come with one type of product (like eyeshadow or blush), this came with two different types of products, and I love it. It makes Hill's latest product so versatile, and I can imagine makeup fans using each of the different shades in totally different scenarios, together or separately.

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Instagram beauty account trendmood1 posted a collage of the swatches of the product, which give you a better idea of how each looks on Hill's arm (from her Snapchat).

Also from Snapchat, the above is how the shades look in natural light. The difference is only slightly noticeable, but super useful for people who are interested in buying the product. Hill hasn't released the names of the blush shades yet, but with other names as fun as Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop, I can only hope they'll have some super cute names too. And in the meantime, I'll be watching Hill's snaps to see when and where the products will be available.

Images: jaclynhill/Instagram, jaclynrhill/Snapchat