Andy Samberg Promotes Latest Movie 'Popstar' On 'The Voice' And It Was Better Than You Can Imagine

Andy Samberg just gave us another reason to love him. The Lonely Island star took The Voice stage to promote his new movie, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping , and his performance was just as amazing as you'd imagine. Channeling his Popstar persona Conner 4 Real, Samberg performed "I'm So Humble" during The Voice Top 8 Results Show alongside coach Adam Levine. While nothing about it was humble, it was certainly entertaining and added much needed levity to the super-serious results show.

There wasn't much about Samberg's — I'm sorry, Conner's — performance not to love. From the pre-taped mentor session with the Top 9 to the over-the-top live performance, Samberg got America to fall in love with Conner. I mean how could you not fall in love with the stuck up superstar who teaches you how to avoid a party you don't want to be at and raps about being humble? Conner is a character that Samberg really enjoys portraying and it was obvious in his The Voice appearance. While it may not have taught The Voice contestants much about anything, it certainly entertained — and in the middle of an unnecessarily long results show, that's really all America wanted from the performance.

If tonight's performance was any indication, Popstar is going to be the movie to watch this summer. It promises to be filled with hilarity, hijinks and borderline offensive pop culture references — everything we've come to know and love from an Andy Samberg production. If you weren't planning to see this in theaters already, you totally are now — and if you're not, then you absolutely should be.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC