12 Ways You Expressed Your Celeb Crush In The '90s

Crushes in the '90s were different to how they are now. Of course they are, how could they not be? For starters, you couldn't easily stalk your crush on Instagram two decades ago. You could only stalk them in real life, which is creepy and illegal. So you didn't get to stalk them at all. Even your celebrity crushes in the '90s were different. While you might have some embarrassing '90s crushes in your arsenal of past crushes, what's really embarrassing is some of the things you did when you had a crush on a celebrity. Let us not forget celebrities are generally people you've never even met, so some of the lengths you went to for your celebrity crush in the '90s were cute, but also kind of nuts.

No matter what celebrity you were crushing on, be it a puppy-eyed Leonardo DiCaprio or a tough as nails Sarah Michelle Gellar, you approached that crush in a certain way. Everyone might have had a different crush, but anyone growing up in that era did very similar things when we had those crushes. There were different types of crushes you had in the '90s, and celebrity crushes ranked high on the list. Thankfully, now that we're older, all we have to do is like a few photos on social media to fulfill our celebrity crushes, rather than some of the embarrassing things we did in the '90s. Here are 12 things you did when you had a celebrity crush in the '90s.

1. Telling Everyone Who Will Listen

These days you can show your allegiance in your Twitter bio with a simple hashtag. (For the record, mine in #ZAYN.) In the '90s, without social media to help you get your message across, you had to tell everyone, at every opportunity, about your crush verbally.

2. Doing Love Math With Their Name

You'd spend class doing complicated calculations based on the letters in their name and the letters in yours, to determine compatibility. Of course you'd always skew the numbers to keep you and your crush together...

3. Covering Every Inch Of Your Wall With Posters Of Them Ripped From Magazine

Literally every single inch. You wouldn't know your bedroom had walls, looking at the sea of posters covering them. In the '90s you lived in a room made of paper posters.

4. Actually Making Out With Those Posters

Yeah. You did it. I did it. We all did it. It's out there now. What are you doing to do?

5. Doing Séances To Ask Spirits If You Would End Up Together

If you had a celebrity crush, you one hundred million percent would coyly suggest a séance, and pretend you didn't want to ask a certain question, but then you'd ask it anyway. You would call on the spirit world to tell you, definitively, if you and J.T.T. would actually marry each other.

6. Getting Annoyed At Your Friends Who Had The Same Crush

Your friend having a crush on your crush in the '90s was the ultimate betrayal. Ultimate.

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7. Going To All Their Mall Appearances

Back in a simpler time, you could see all your favorite celebrities at the mall when they visited your town or city. You'd get there as soon as the mall opened, and line up with countless other kids to try and get to the front of the stage where your crush would appear for a maximum five minutes, and that would be your whole day Saturday.

8. Buying Magazines Just Because There Was A Tiny Picture Of Them In It

Even the slightest mention of your crush in a magazine would cause you to buy it. It was much more expensive to have a celebrity crush in the '90s.

9. Asking Jeeves About Them

When you could beg your parents for a little dial up internet time, you'd immediately Ask Jeeves about your crush. And then spend as long as possible waiting for images of them to load on their (really crappy) "official" websites. And back then, those pictures took a long ass time to load.

10. Making Binders Full Of Torn Out Articles And Photos

Before the internet was your database, you'd make your own, tearing out every article and cutting out every photo of your celebrity crush you could find, and collating it into an encyclopedia of love.

11. Writing Them Fan Mail On A Regular Basis

You'd write your celebrity crush letters, and mail them off to their "official" fan mail address on a regular basis. Sometimes they'd be filled with glitter, and sometimes they'd come with a strand of your own hair, or sprayed with your perfume (probably Tommy Girl). Not crazy at all.

12. Buying Crazy Memorabilia

I had Leonardo DiCaprio collectible cards from the news agency and a mirror etched with his face from Titanic. What did you have?

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