Organize Electronics Better With 9 Genius Tricks

While technology has carved out an important place for itself in most people's lives, its physical space in your apartment or house is likely not as wonderful. Knowing how to organize home electronics in a way that's not a complete eyesore is a challenge — especially if you're strapped for space. After all, messy electronics clutter at home seems to grow twice as fast as your actual gadget count, am I right?

One of the best ways to organize tech stuff and electronics is consolidating your gear. Bundle like wires together, and keep all your smaller gadgets that need constant power boosts at the same charging station. (If you're in the family room one night and reading in bed another, double up on stations.) It's worth it to always know where to find your gadgets, and not getting frustrated by wayward tech clutter around your home is just a bonus. Organize your household gadgets better by having a place for all your items — and most importantly, sticking to it. Straighten up your wires, cords, and electronics just once, and then the rest is just maintenance.

Ahead, nine awesome tips for organizing electronics at home — and the brilliant gadgets that will make the process incredibly easy.

Utilize An Organized Home Base Charging Station (And Stick To It)

Upow Bamboo Charging Station , $40, Amazon

If you don't want that frantic "Where's my phone?" feeling every morning before work, have a home base for smaller electronics. Because you'll want to place it somewhere that's easily accessible by you and roommates, it's worth it to level up to a sleeker design that won't look bulky in your living room, kitchen, or other shared space. This charging station is constructed from durable (but lightweight) bamboo, which is outfitted with five USB ports for charging all your gear at once. One user said they can store their MacBook, iPad, iTouch, iPhone and watch, and another even said, "Now my nightstands look nice again and not like a spaghetti mess."

Just Have A Few Gadgets? Cut Down Clutter With Streamlined Docking Station

Quirky Converge Docking Station With Four USB Outlets, $15, Amazon

If you're just concerned about your phone and a few smaller gadgets, this minimalistic dock could be a great fit for you. The docking station has one high power USB charge port and three light powered ones, which makes them a better fit for overnight charging. The stand keeps wires hidden from sight, and because the gadgets face upward and out while stored, you can easily check them as needed for updates. Reviewers say the aluminum accent design looks sleek in any room, and that the weighted design feels sturdy and safe for their electronics.

(Psst! Already Lost Your Charge Cords? Store Extras At Charging Station)

Fleck Lightning to USB Cable Apple Lightning (4-Pack), $13, Amazon

When you already know your cords will grow legs and walk away, it's absolutely worth it to keep extras on deck. Assign a few cables to your charging station, so you will always have a power boost when you need one.

Keep Headphones & Cords Right Where You Want Them

Quirky Cordies POP Wire & Cable Organizer, $10, Amazon

Whether your desk is spotless or sits squarely in the middle of tech clutter central, sometimes it's the simplest things that make your day less stressful. When you can't find your headphones or your USB cord is constantly getting shoved deep behind your monitor, it makes it hard to be efficient at work. This cable organizer is weighted to prevent slipping, and it makes sure your work space stays as neat as you need it to be. (Plus, you can snag a pair in black, green, turquoise, pink, and white, too.)

Prevent Wires From Taking Over Your Leg Space

Cable Management Sleeve (4-Pack), $15, Amazon

It's unbelievably annoying to have a bunch of wires criss-crossing over your legs beneath your desk, especially if they're in the path of foot traffic or curious teething pets. This simple but genius set of four neoprene sleeves can be used wherever you're experiencing cable takeover — the 20-inch long sleeves unzip for easy access to your wires, and about ten wires can be tucked within each sleeve comfortably. Users say these are simple to install and an instant fix for messy tech clutter.

Wrap Cords Around Corners With the Flexible Power Strip

Quirky Pivot Power Chord, $25, Amazon

Have tons of room for a bulky plastic rectangle under your desk? Didn't think so. This genius bendy power cord lets you use the room you already have — no matter how tight of a corner you're working with. One reviewer pointed out, "It bends in multiple shapes, which serves the purpose of allowing strangely shaped power packs to be plugged into it without covering other outlets." (Plus, you can get it in black, green, pink, or white, too.)

Stop Charge Cords From Dropping to The Floor

Assis Smart Wire Cable Drop Clip (8 Pieces), $8, Amazon

If you're regularly stooping over to retrieve dropped cords, you could definitely benefit from these drop clips sitting atop your workspace. Their adhesive sticker backs let you secure them wherever you need more cord organization, and the bright silicon material is available in red, green, or blue to match the rest of your desk accessories.

Keep All Tech Gear Organized On-the-Go

ButterFox Universal Electronics Travel Organizer , $25, Amazon

Whether you travel often with your favorite tech items or simply need to be able to move them from room to room, this tech gear organizer is an essential for not losing your smaller wires and gadgets. Because the waterproof nylon case offers padded, semi-flexible coverage, your cords won't be bending into damaging shapes and directions. Twenty-nine elastic loops ensure everything has its place, from flash disks and hard drives to phones and charging cords.

Color Code Tangle-Prone Wires With Reusable, Durable Rubber Ties

Nite Ize Reusable Gear Tie, $6, Amazon

If you want to be able to easily tie up your cords in one place, rethink that generic rubber band that will likely snap after a few weeks. These durable rubber ties are one of the best sellers right now, and their flexible metal wire covered by bendy rubber makes them a smart pick for keeping your electronics organized in a colorful, easy-to-see way that won't lose its shape as it maintains a firm grip over time. One pleased user said, "I purchased a number of solutions recently for tangled cables. I tried them all, and these are the best."

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