The Instagram Update Design Changes Will Soothe Your Eyeballs

If you haven't hit "update" on your Instagram today, then you, my friend, have not yet experienced the new Instagram update design changes that are about to change your dash forever. You know that minimalist, all-white bedroom in your fantasy apartment that seems to be pinned to every sad Millennial's Pinterest board? Instagram just turned itself into the technological version of that today, with a new update that overhauled Instagram's entire look and made it sleek AF.

Just in case the new update hasn't hit you yet, you can go into the App Store and select "Updates" on the bottom panel. It will then direct you to update your Instagram, at which point you can kiss the old design goodbye. No worries as far as functionality goes — it seems that everything is in the same order and works the way it did when the Valencia-filtered sun last set on our Insta dreams. But the app's entire ~look~ just changed faster than a celeb at Coachella. Everything from the text, the background colors, and the logo has changed. It's a lot to take in all at once, so here's a breakdown of exactly what you can anticipate as far as new design changes when you update your Instagram today:

A Brand New Instagram Logo

So here's the logo you're using to seeing, of an old-fashioned camera lens and a little Insta rainbow.

And here's the brand-spanking new one, with a more minimalist design and the rainbow incorporated in the background.

And fun fact: it's not just Instagram whose logo changed. They also extended icon changes to Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse, so that they would all match like your fam in a '90s Christmas card picture.

"Inspired by the previous app icon, the new one represents a simpler camera and the rainbow lives on in gradient form," Instagram explained in a press release.

A Cleaner, More Minimalist Look

For your reference, here is a screenshot of our Books Editor Cristina Arreola's Instagram before the update.

And here, my friends, is how it looks immediately after.

As you can see, Instagram has changed its entire interface to eliminate the black and blue from its design and replace it with white and grey. The font has remained the same, but the entire look is more clean and minimalistic, breaking up posts a little less on feeds to look like one continuous design.

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Cleaner Navigation In The Editing Process

The change in the ~look~ extended to all of the app, including its "Discover" and posting features. While the editing process itself hasn't changed and all of your beloved filters are safe, the selections for the design process are a little more clear cut looking in the recent update as well.

With the white in the background, it makes it a little easier to see how your changes stand out against your original image — in my case, allowing me to maximize the dorkiness of whatever the hell I was doing in the picture above.

Here's a full video Instagram released regarding the change:

Instagram has gotten a little bit of sass on Twitter today regarding the logo change, but I'm sure we'll all get over it once we acclimate to the new design. Here's to living your best, most Instagrammable life, y'all. Happy scrolling!

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Cristina Arreola/Bustle; Instagram