The Real Housewife With The Biggest House Is...

The women on Real Housewives are constantly in competition with each other. They are constantly comparing every aspect of their lives from their age (which no one can actually control), to the jobs that they have, to their marriages (or even lack thereof). Sometimes it's hard to tell who is sincere and who is putting on a front, but the one thing that a person really can't fake (especially on a reality TV show) is the home that they live in. And these ladies have palatial homes, gorgeous apartments, and grand vacation houses. Because of this, i can be hard to tell which Real Housewife actually has the biggest house. I know that property values fluctuate in different areas of the country, but I just want to know who has a house that I can get lost in for days. Who has a house that is so massive that she wouldn't even notice if I was sleeping on one of the many couches? Who has a house that can actually pass for an event venue?

When it comes to finding an answer, it's not exactly easy. There are a lot of Real Housewives and most of them actually own more than one property. Additionally, the square footage of all the homes owned by Real Housewives is not readily available, so my assessment is just an estimate — a thoroughly researched estimate, but an estimate nonetheless.

Based on my obsessive viewing of every Real Housewives episode ever and my determined Google searching it seems like Real Housewives of Orange County's Heather Dubrow and Real Housewives of New York City's Jules Wainstein have the biggest homes in the franchise. They both have houses that are an estimated 20,000 square feet and the best part about it is that these are homes that neither of them actually live in.

Jules lives in her New York City apartment with her family, but the 20,000 foot property is her home in the Hamptons that is still under construction. On the current season of the show, Jules' RHONY cast members hated on her home because it was in the middle of a renovation, but I think that they were jealous about how big it is and how awesome it will eventually look. I mean, there's going to be an indoor pool. How cool is that?

The only thing that is uncool about the Hamptons house is the way that the viewers found out how big it is. Jules told the camera that her house was so large when she was comparing it to Bethenny's New York City apartment. Jules said, "Whatever, I have a 20,000 square-foot home." Not the best comeback ever, but at least it's accurate.

On the other coast, Heather Dubrow does not live in her 20,000 foot property either. She wants to; it's just not ready yet. As viewers saw during the last season of RHOC, Heather was very busy making sure that her family's future home was perfectly designed and decorated —and busy talking about the house and how big it is all of the time. Hopefully, the Dubrows will be able to move in soon.

It's weird to think that both Jules and Heather essentially have spare homes that are this large, but nothing shocks me anymore when it comes to the Real Housewives and their material possessions.

Image: Bravo