12 Olympic Athletes With Cute, Furry Animals. What More Could You Ask For?

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American freeskier Gus Kenworthy will be bringing home something special to commemorate his time at the Sochi Olympics, and we're not just talking about a silver medal. The 22-year-old Coloradan is trying to adopt a litter of stray Russian puppies and their mother and bring them back to the States. The little doggie family has been camped out near the media center at Sochi, and once Kenworthy met them, he fell in love. He's been posting photos of the cute little guys on his Twitter account ever since. Cue a collective AWWWWW!

Clearly this is the cutest thing to happen this week in Internetland, and we can't get enough. So, a special treat for you all: 11 more pictures of Olympic athletes with furry critters. You know this is going to make your day.

Image: guskenworthy/Twitter

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