This Olympian Deserves A Gold in Twitter

Look, it doesn't take much to win us over on Twitter. Say something insightful about a show we watch, connect a Britney Spears' music video to Marxist theory, or just acknowledge that people mainly want to hear you talk about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and we're yours. Or just, mention puppies. Actually, scratch everything — the only thing you need to win us over on Twitter is puppies. This, of course, would explain why the best Twitter out there right now is that of Gus Kenworthy, the Olympic skier currently taking part in the Sochi 2014 games.

In case you missed it, Kenworthy is also the Olympic skier who delayed his return to America specifically so he could use his remaining time in Sochi to adopt not one but four stray puppies he found on the street near the Olympic village. Actually, four stray puppies and their momma, if we're being specific. And it just kind of makes us want to vomit rainbows and puppy treats all over the place.

He's planning on keeping two of the dogs — according to USA Today "he’ll name them Rosa and Gorki, naturally, after the Rosa Khutor Mountain Resort where the extreme sport events were held here, and after the media center where the family of dogs had made their home." Momma Dog will be cared for by, fittingly, Kenworthy's mother, and the other puppies will be going to his brothers.

Meanwhile, his Twitter is just the best.

Like, who doesn't want pictures of hungry little Russian doggehs on their feed?

And he got really excited when Miley Cyrus followed him, and they've been flirting back and forth, and it's all adorable and, crap, now we kind of ship it??

He knows what we're really invested in him when we go to his Twitter:

And boy does he deliver.


He takes a selfie with enthusiasm.

Dude likes to support his fellow teammates.

He's happy you think he's awesome:

He's "stoked!!!!"

This guy. We can't.

And last but not least, he's a killer anchorman.

Image: GusKenworthy/Twitter