3 Kylie Lip Kit Hacks To Try ASAP

by Jessica Willingham

I know it's hard to buy into the hype of Kylie Jenner's cosmetics line. She has an empire behind her, so her name carries some gold medal weight. But let me tell you: Her liquid lipsticks pass the test, and what's more, they're not just for your pout. Here are three Kylie Lip Kit hacks so you can make the most of this cult-favorite product.

If you're not familiar (where have you been?), Jenner's Lip Kits are matte liquid lipstick formulas. They dry quickly and stay put (forever), which initially made me nervous to experiment with them as eyeliner, blush, and eyeshadow. I had to give it a try, though — the best cosmetic products are multi-purpose and look beautiful no matter where and how you apply them. I had to find out if Jenner's lipsticks stood up against the multi-purpose cult-favorites I've come to love and use on the daily.

I have seen the lip kits used as everything from artistic, creative cosmetic feats to faux freckles. It always looked beautiful, but I doubted being able to recreate these innovative techniques as the average girl and makeup enthusiast. Luckily, I found out that working with her lipstick (22 and Posie, specifically) in creative ways is simple if you utilize the tools already in your makeup kit, like blenders and brushes. Even using bare (clean!) fingers was more than good enough.

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in 22, $29.00,

Here are three new ways you can use your Kylie Jenner Lip Kit at home.

1. As Eyeliner

I found that one of the best alternative ways to use Kylie's liquid lipstick is as a long lasting liquid eyeliner. I dabbed a tiny eyeliner brush into the product collected on the tube wand and then applied directly to my eye. The purple-brown of my shadow tempered the bright red of the color, but you could build up the product to be bold, "22 red."

Sigma Beauty E06 Winged Liner Brush, $14.00,

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2. As Blush

Believe it or not, you can use Kylie lip products as a cheek stain. I dabbed some Posie K onto my finger tips and then directly onto the apples of my cheeks. I alternated between blending the color with a beauty sponge and building it back up with my fingertips until the color was just right for me.

Beauty Blender, $20.00,

3. As Eyeshadow

I didn't think this would work, but it turns out at blending with your fingertips is the answer to making anything work. I created an orange-y brown eyeshadow base, and dabbed a tiny bit of 22 on my lid close to my lash line using the lipstick wand. Then I used my fingers to dab and blend upward. Ta da!

Morphe 350 Palette,

If you've been complaining about the price of Kylie's Lip Kit, consider trying these hacks out. It will not only make you fall in love with the product more, but also feel like you're getting the most out of what you paid.

Images: Jessica Willingham