Prince's Ex-Wives Reportedly Honor The Late Singer

A few weeks may have passed since his death on April 21, but the world is still mourning Prince. And considering how much fans who didn't know the musician personally are feeling his loss, we can only imagine what his family is going through. On Wednesday night, Prince's ex-wives Manuela Testolini and Mayte Garcia are holding a private memorial for him, according to E! Online, inviting only those very close to the late singer. TMZ also reported that attendees received an invitation that only listed the time, date, and city of a "Celebration of Life" and had to be "vetted" via email to know the exact location.

One person who didn't get the secrecy memo, however, is director Spike Lee, who posted an Instagram featuring the purple accessories he planned to wear to the memorial. Howeer, he didn't divulge the exact location, just that it's in Los Angeles, maintaining the privacy of the event. So far, Lee seems to be the only celebrity to confirm that an event is happening, so if Testolini and Garcia wanted privacy, which they are certainly entitled to, they seem to be getting it. However, that doesn't mean he'll be the only celebrity in attendance. It's very likely that other stars who were close to the singer will attend, especially since E! described the memorial as "star-studded."

For everyone else who wants to pay tribute to Prince, his family released a statement last week announcing that a public memorial will take place soon so that fans can honor him.

"We would like everyone to know that, contrary to previous and current reports, there has been no memorial, funeral or tribute service for Prince that was organized or authorized by the family or Paisley Park representatives. Together, the family is planning an official memorial service and public event to take place in the near future.

Prince and his music influenced so many people that we feel inspired to celebrate his life and legacy in just the right way. We appreciate the public’s patience and have been comforted by your outpouring of love, support and condolences. We look forward to sharing with the world this celebration of, and farewell to, our Prince."

Prince clearly had a great impact on many people's lives, whether he knew them or not, and it's nice to see that fans, friends, and family alike will be able to celebrate his life.