15 Funny Rosie O'Donnell Tweets About The Donald

Donald Trump has gotten a lot of flack for the things he has said about Rosie O'Donnell. They're horrible, because he's horrible. Many of the insults have based on her looks, weight, and being a woman. But he's not the only one throwing punches. Since their feud began in 2006, O'Donnell hasn't shied from sending hardballs his way. The only difference being that she's totally right, because he's Donald Trump. These are the funniest Rosie O'Donnell tweets about Donald Trump, because you don't want to miss a single one.

The tweets haven't been O'Donnell's only outlet. Her first criticism, of course, came from The View, and it wasn't exactly the nicest. She said he wasn't a "self-made man," but rather a "snake-oil salesman on Little House On the Prairie." It didn't get any nicer: "[He] left the first wife -- had an affair. [He] had kids both times, but he's the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America. Donald, sit and spin, my friend." On Twitter, she has been more objective, mostly posting articles that critique him more than anything. Her jabs have been right on too, though.

And don't worry, it's not about to end any time soon. O'Donnell told Variety that she's dedicated to harping on Trump at least until November. “I believe in the innate humanity and sensible nature of Americans,” she told the magazine. “Do not give up, he will never be president.” With some more tweets like this, he very well may not be.

1) Maybe The Gilded Walls Don't Allow For Them

She really wants to know.

2) Palin With A Toupee And Spray Tan

Who would have thought being a pumpkin would be a worse insult than a pig? #lifeposttrump

3) O'Donnell Has Some Of The Good Words, Too

Why expand?

4) The Second Trump Wedding

She was there! If only O'Donnell and Hillary Clinton could have coordinated Trump weddings.

5) Sarcasm All Around

No one means anything.

6) The Ultimate Insult

She used the "L" word, Trump's biggest takedown. Maybe O'Donnell inspired Elizabeth Warren.

7) But Like, Really

Click through and you'll see Trump calling a protester fat.

8) Tit For Islamophobic Tat

This could actually be a security concern. Who knows what he's trying to fit up there!

9) He Makes It Kind Of Easy For Her

There's so much to share!

10) Calling It Like She Sees It

Her response was measured after he attacked her family.

11) Trump, The Man ...

Now we just need to learn how to deconstruct the myth he's created around himself.

12) Not Really Funny Anymore

Much funnier when it seemed less likely.

13) Snake Oil

Maybe he uses all the snake oil on his hair.

14) We Know Trump

But is Trump the hairball or the cat?

15) Not Funny, But ...

Rosie's doing her part. What about you?