Grilled Cheese Tacos Are The Gift Your Digestive System Deserves — PHOTOS

If you're also living your best life, then I assume that approximately 50 percent of what you eat is grilled cheese-based and that the other 50 percent is taco-based. But now that we are living in the dawn of the grilled cheese taco, everything you thought you knew about that best life living is about to get thrown out the window. Created by food blogger Dan Whalen of The Food In My Beard, the grilled cheese taco is exactly as you assume it would be: a taco that uses grilled cheese as the outer shell. So simple, and yet so brilliant.

To think — you could have been born in any time or place or dimension in this great cosmos, but you, my friend, are alive right now, coexisting with this majestic food crossover. If you are too emotionally compromised by the glory of them to even consider trying to make one for yourself, never fear — Whalen posted a step-by-step recipe on his food blog, ensuring that unworthy grilled cheese taco plebes like you and me can get in on what I assume is going to launch its own religion sometime in the next few days. He also did us the favor of posting them to the TFIMB Instagram, where you can salivate over them on your dash.


"It tastes just how you would expect. Like a grilled cheese and a taco had a baby," said Whalen on his blog.

His pro tips included slicing the grilled cheese bread thinly and letting it sit for a few minutes once it comes off the grill to make it more pliable (if you happen to be the kind of human who possesses that level of self control, because I, personally, am not).

This is far from the only food mashup Whelan has introduced to this undeserving Internet. Are you sitting down for this? Because SIT DOWN.

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We can quit with all the science and technological advancement, guys. Humanity has reached its peak. And if that wasn't enough to convince you ...


If you haven't already gotten thumb whiplash hitting the Instagram follow button, then be sure to follow TFIMB on Snapchat, which was recently featured as one of the top food Snapchats on Spoon University. You can also find more of Whalen and his criminally genius food creations on his Facebook, his Twitter, and of course, the blog itself. In the meantime, try not to let all the INSANE POWER AND RESPONSIBILITY of knowing how to make one of these go to your head, for the sake of humanity and all of the dairy-loving beings in it.

Images: Courtesy of TFIMB