51 Essential Blac Chyna Emojis

by Kristie Rohwedder

It is as the ancient idiom dictates: If presented with the opportunity to announce your new emoji set and your pregnancy in the same Instagram post, you do not let that opportunity slip away. Last Friday, newly affianced couple Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna ‘grammed an emoji that let the world know they are with child. Little did we know that the pregnant Chyna illustration was only one of several hundred Chyna emoji. Tuesday, Blac Chyna released ChyMoji, a collection of over 700 characters that'll take any regular ol' text conversation to the next level. Dutiful pop culture fan that I am, I wasted no time in forking over the $1.99 for the ChyMoji app. And dutiful ranking fan that I am, I also wasted no time in ranking the emoji featured in the ChyMoji app.

...Er, I ranked some of the Chymoji. Sorry, but I definitely didn’t rank all 700 cartoons. As much as I love creating lists, I most certainly did not have it in me to stare at my cell phone for hours and organize hundreds of of tiny illustrations in an Excel spreadsheet. I feared I’d grow to resent the ChyMoji, and that would be a fate worse than death. So, I pared the list down to my 51 relatively safe for work favorites and went from there.

#51: The Sandwich

The standard emoji collection should be so lucky to have such an A+ sandwich.

#50: Chicken Nuggets

What’s that sauce? Ketchup? Barbecue? Honey? The mystery of the ChyMoji chicken nugget sauce is a great conversation starter, you heard it here first.

#49: The Pride Donut

What a beautiful breakfast pastry.

#48: The Pretzel

How and why doesn’t the regular emoji set have a pretzel?

#47 Skittles

I didn’t know I needed a Skittles emoji until now.

#46: The Ring Pop

Same goes for this Ring Pop. OK, enough with the food ChyMoji already. Let's switch gears.

#45: The Chyna Money

Angela Kardashian kurrency!

#44: The Angry Face

An excellent choice for when your pal is too busy liking Instagram pics and posting snaps to respond to your text messages.

#43: Chyna At Runyon

You know, I usually hike Griffith Park over Runyon Canyon, but that might change now that there’s a Runyon ChyMoji.

#42: Fingers Crossed

Perfect for when you wanna say “SIIIIKE” but don’t feel like typing it out.


Grandma over here didn’t know what “DILLIGAS” meant until she googled it. Always love an emoji that keeps me on my toes.

#40: The Disembodied Lips & Hand

This one is so creepy. Big fan.

#39: The Makeup Swatches

Swatch out for this one.

#38: The Ha Ha

Is it a genuine “ha ha”? Or is it a snarky “ha ha”? The possibilities are endless!

#37: The Bag Of Greenery

How about that... uh... “broccoli," eh?

#36: The Chyna Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

One day, one day...

#35: The Cry Laugh

I am all about the Chyna version of this classic emoticon.

#34: The Rainbow Vomit

Bringing the Snapchat heat.

#33: It’s Tea Time

Get ready to spill.

#32: Surfin' The Web On The Couch

My kind of party.

#31: The Accessorized Bottle

So very glam.

#30: Heart Hands

Because the "<3" emoticon is so passé.

#29: Chyna Pride


#28: Rob & Chyna Pushing A Stoller


#27: Chyna Hugging A Tree

And would ya look at that heart carved into the bark!

#26: The Eggplant & Straws

At first, I didn't get why this eggplant had arms.

...Aaaaand then I realized those weren’t arms, but straws. And then I understood what I was looking at. And then I laughed out loud for about forty-five minutes.

#25: Chyna For President

On board.

#24: The Butt

Can't stop sending the butt emoji, won't stop sending the butt emoji.

#23: The Smiling Taco

Hnnnnnnngh can't handle that precious little face on that precious little taco hnnnnnngh.

#22: The Receipts

*Bows to Whitney Houston.*

#21: Loser


#20: The Side-Eye Meme

So meme, much good.

#19: The Wink

This might be the most mesmerizing one of the lot.

#18: The Dirty Diaper

Real talk: I can’t stop spamming my friends with this one.

#17: Cancel

This one comes in handy when your friend won't stop sending you a stanky diaper ChyMoji.

#16: Chyna & Rob Gettin’ Married

Wow. Is that the cake topper of my dreams, or is that the cake topper of my dreams?

#15: Rob Wearing A Chyna Hat

~True love.~

#14: The Money Rainstorm


#13 The Janet Jackson Homage

Ms. Chyna on the cover of Rolling Stone if you’re nasty.

#12: The Prince Tribute

*Cries purple tears.*

#11: The Beyoncé Stan

I mean.

#10: The Rihanna Stan

The Rihanna Navy shirt and the Dolce & Gabanna crown headphones? Be still my RiRi-loving heart.

#9: Dancing Chyna

This animated dancing emoji is everything.

#8: PMS

Can’t wait to put this one to good use next month.

#7: The “Huh?”

This moving-moji is a stellar response to any and all nonsense.

#6: Trash

Sorry, classic trash can sign emoji. You’re going on the back burner. This ChyMoji is my new go-to response.

#5: The Falling Glasses

This is me, like, every 10 minutes.

#4: Amber Rose & Blac Chyna


#3: Crying King Cairo

This King Cairo emoji is so cute I can barely take it.

#2: Rob

Look at Rob. Whatta guy, whatta ChyMoji.

#1: Pregnant Chyna

It’s the ChyMoji that started it all. Of course it’s number one.

Don't agree with my ChyMoji rankings? That's fine. To you I say this:

Just livin' my ChyMoji truth.

Images: ChyMoji/Glamroks, LLC (51)