Blac Chyna's Emoji Feature Her Future With Rob

Step aside Kim, because there is a new soon-to-be Kardashian with an emoji line. On Tuesday, Blac Chyna released her emoji line called Chymoji, which can be purchased through the iTunes app store and Google Play for only $1.99. I wonder if her BFF Amber Rose gave her some pointers? Chyna included a variety of emojis, including many Chymoji resembling Chyna's life and future with Rob Kardashian. Does that really surprise anyone?

If you've ever wanted to use a ChyRo-related emoji, now you can. Based on the many emoji featuring both Chyna and Rob, it appears the two are more than ready to settle down, become parents, and start their lives as a married couple. Maybe I'm reading too much into the emoji, but it sure seems like they are super excited about taking all of the next steps in their relationship.

Either way, it's clear that Chyna wanted to include the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star in her new venture. Can you blame her? The 29-year-old reality star is a huge part of her life, so why not celebrate that through her emoji line? With that, let's check out all of the ChyRo emojis now available for everyone who loves to text about the Kardashians.

She Loves Her Engagement Ring

She even loves to show it off in emoji form.

She's Showing Off That Baby Bump

Look at emoji Chyna embracing her bump.

The Beginning Of Their Family

The perfect family emoji.

Will They Have A Boy?


Will They Have A Girl?

I guess they still don't know.

They Are Ready For Stroller Duty

What they will probably look like walking down the street.

What Their Family Photo Will Look Like

Say cheese!

Who Will Change The Dirty Diapers?

I'm sure they'll alternate.

There Is Also Bottle Duty

If their baby actually has a bottle like this, I don't know what I'll do.

Their Baby Will Be Fashionable, Too

Only the most stylish booties for Baby ChyRo.

Don't Forget About Their Wedding Day

It's like Marilyn Monroe and... Rob Kardashian.

Will Rob Really Wear That Hat With His Tux?

I hope not.

Let's Hope He Doesn't Wear This One, Either

Seriously, lose the hat, Rob.

Is This What Her Dress Will Look Like?

Emoji bride Blac is pretty glamorous.

She's Ready To Take On The Kardashian Name

I mean, she has reportedly already trademarked the name Angela Renee Kardashian.

Lap Dances Appear To Be Common

Twerking probably happens when they aren't planning their future.

Licking Is Their Thing, Too

I guess he tastes good?

ChyRo Forever

This emoji also comes in black and pink.

Yeah, I don't think ChyRo is going anywhere anytime soon.

Images: ChyMoji (18)