'The Bachelorette' Contestants Share Film Tastes

by Amy Roberts

You can tell a lot from a person's film tastes, and the favorite films of the 2016 Bachelorette contestants have been strangely revealing and, well, revealingly strange. It stands to reason that if you're asking 25 different men what their three favorite films of all time are that, at some point, there's going to be some overlap, but some of the favorite film choices which have popped up repeatedly in the contestants profiles are, frankly, extremely unexpected. And, at this stage, I can't help but wonder what it reveals about The Bachelorette cast overall and also what impact these sorts of personalities will have on the season.

Like, were these guys all filling out their profiles in the one room together? Because I'm getting some serious vibes from their profiles that everyone was probably sneaking glances at each others answers and thinking such crazed thoughts as "Ninja Turtles III, eh? That's probably one of my favorite films too! Masterpiece." Jeez, fellas.

There are nine main films which pop up in the favorite films portion of each Bachelorette contestants profile, and there just has to be significance to that fact. Never one to simply let an off-hand comment go without deep analysis, allow me to get all film psychologist on The Bachelorette contestants favorite films to see what they could mean for events this season:

1. Gladiator

Who Picked It? Nick B, Jordan, James F, James Taylor, Coley, and Chase

What Could It Mean? These guys are emotional but tough, and they aren't afraid to fight for the things that they love. Expect competitiveness, grand speeches, and a love of ornate footwear from these guys.

2. Wedding Crashers

Who Picked It? Jordan and James Taylor

What Could It Mean? Since both these fellas also picked Gladiator as one of their favorite films, then I'm sensing some major bromance action and tomfoolery, but, crucially, these guys will be serving funnies alongside their tender tough sides.

3. The Sandlot

Who Picked It? Vinny and Nick S.

What Could It Mean? Expect plenty of nostalgic reminiscing and romantic gestures designed to appeal to that (baseball loving) child in all of us.

4. Her

Who Picked It? Ali and Brandon

What Could It Mean? Potentially, it could spell trouble for these guys, who might have found great appeal in the story of a man who found love with the AI of a smartphone. Can our Bachelorette ever live up to that insane standard of perfection?

5. Home Alone

Who Picked It? Evan and Grant

What Could It Mean? They're silly but sensitive. They like to have fun, but they also like to get results. It could also indicate that they're really smart in a super practical way and will probably be able to easily figure out how to outwit (or bamboozle) the rest of the contestants.

6. Forest Gump

Who Picked It? Jonathon and Luke

What Could It Mean? These fellas are good, hard working patriots with hearts of gold who could be fairly traditional when it comes to love. Hopefully that means plenty of boxes of chocolate for Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, along with deep, meaningful declarations of utmost respect to her.

7. Good Will Hunting

Who Picked It? Evan, Brandon, and James S.

What Could It Mean? Hardcore intellect, my friends. I'm talking insanely difficult algebraic equations getting scrawled competitively across the living room wall and fights over games of Trivial Pursuit. How do you like them apples?

8. Dumb And Dumber

Who Picked It? Ali, Peter, Vinny, and Will

What Could It Mean? Besides the potential for endless Jim Carrey impressions spoiling an otherwise perfect night, these fellas take solace in the goofiness of life. Expect a lot of humor being used to mask hurt feelings.

9. The Notebook

Who Picked It? James S. and Chad

What Could It Mean? So much bold romance. Mostly because, you know, Ryan Gosling and If you're a bird, I'm a bird and stuff but also because whatever contestant is claiming that The Notebook is one of his favourite films before the show has even started is playing a very clever game. Good hustle, guys. But I'm totally onto you.

So, I think we can all agree by this terribly accurate analysis of The Bachelorette contestant's favorite films that it's looking very likely that we're in for one helluva season when the show starts again on May 23.

Images: ABC; Giphy (9)