'Super Fun Night' Leaves as it Came: Fat Shaming

There's so much potential to Super Fun Night: it stars Rebel Wilson, doesn't shy away from bursting into song (you're welcome, Pitch Perfect fans), and even had one if its main characters come to terms with their sexuality this season. But at the end of the show's first season, it still remains just that: potential. Super Fun Night continues to get mixed reviews, and its unclear if the show will be renewed for a second season. A lot of that might also have to do with the alienation of its audience, since Super Fun Night is a show that relies heavily on fat jokes. Case in point: tonight's finale. We don't know much about it yet, but we do know it's called "...Till the Fat Lady Sings." And yes, she does indeed sing...Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls." Get it? Because, you know, she's fat!

Not to say that it should never be mentioned. And in fact, Rebel Wilson frequently makes fat jokes about herself, both on and off the show. But much like Lindy West's epic explainer on rape jokes, a good fat joke is one that doesn't make the fat person the punchline. Remember "Fat Amy" from Pitch Perfect? The punchline of that joke wasn't Amy, it was the "twig bitches" that made fun of her. And it was hilarious. However, Super Fun Night frequently bludgeons you over the head with its fat jokes, to the point where it's completely unfunny, regardless of whether or not it offends you. Jokes like:


Kimmy, Rebel Wilson's character, often has a cartoonish relationship with food. She binges on cookies, she eats an entire turkey leg, she sprints down the hall at work for birthday cake. While love of food is universal, having an overweight character's food obsession frequently be a stand-in for a joke becomes pretty off-putting.


This kind of fat joke is essentially just "Clothes: they don't fit!" And that's the case with Kimmy. She wears Spanx! She bursts out her clothes! Do you get it?

Mean, Skinny Girls

It's difficult to watch Wilson frequently making fat jokes about herself. It's even more difficult hearing them from Kendall, the show's resident "mean girl." Although there's been brief moments of respite in their rivalry, you pretty much get what you expect from Kendall: snide comments about Kimmy's weight or how she looks.

So tune in tonight and dream of the show that could've been with a talent like Rebel Wilson — or you can just watch a sneak peek of Wilson's killer outfit and performance of "Fat Bottomed Girls."