7 Memes To Share On Friday The 13th

After five whole months out of the woods, we've already got another Friday the 13th on the books — the first of 2016 — and thus, I have assembled seven lucky Friday the 13th memes to distract you from your friends' bad luck, poor choices, and general doom and gloom currently dominating your social media feeds. I laugh in the face of danger (from the safety of my living room).

I'm actually going to watch the original Friday the 13th movie in an abandoned zoo tonight, and I hope that hockey hipster Jason Voorhees shows up to speak for himself like those directors that sometimes do Q&A sessions after expensive movie screenings. But knowing him, he'll probably be watching the Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Pittsburg Penguins chainsaw-in-hand, or skulking around near some body of water waiting for some amorous high school kids to show up, so I might be out of luck.

The iJury is still out on what officially counts as the first internet-era meme, but first-wave YouTube creator Smosh has some great throwback contenders on his blog which include Hamster Dance (the hamsters live!) and the dancing baby. These seven memes are totally perfect for today, though I can't guarantee that they'll be quite as enduring as the hamster song that is currently stuck in your head. You're welcome. Happy Friday the 13th!

Yet another song for your brain cells to percolate to for the rest of the month. Never expected your bad luck to come in music form, did ya? Mwahahaaaa!

Because that girl you went to middle school with truly believes her parking ticket was a smite from the Bad Luck Bunny (Bad Luck Bunny... trademark).

Or at any rate, you can try.

You would, Jason.

Every cat ever.

Deep questions from a giant lizard.

Yeah, ya know, calm.

Now go out and walk under all the ladders. One love.

Images: QuickMeme (2); DIYLOL; MemesVault; MemeCenter (2)