11 Things You Should Donate After College

by Eliza Florendo

Every few years, we're all in need of a good purge — you know, seriously looking at your belongings and only keeping what you really need. No time needs a big haul quite like graduation, and there are definitely some things you should donate after college. Whether you're moving or just bored one day, giving away your stuff can feel so liberating.

If you've ever thought about getting rid of your belongings, you've probably been recommended the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. After reading a few pages, I was committed to decluttering. Like, how hard could it be? I was wrong. Like, really wrong. Every time I opened up my drawers and tried to get rid of something, I'd be like, "Wait, what if I need to paint a room and I need all these t-shirts?" I have not painted a room yet, and those t-shirts are still sitting in my closet.

When I graduated and moved to New York, I took every piece of clothing with me. Every sweatshirt, t-shirt, pair of ill-fitting pants, I took with me. Big mistake. I realized this after the second time I moved into an apartment and tried to pack everything up. And finally, I decided I had to make the plunge.

I may have been late, but I wish I had heard tips on what to actually get rid of post-graduation. Luckily, now, I'm ruthless. This is what you need to get rid of if you've walked across that stage and gotten your diploma.

1. Your Twin XL Sheets

These? Yeah. Kiss them goodbye. You can now have regular sized sheets for your regular bed!

2. Your Uncomfortable Heels

Remember when you used to try super hard at parties and wear incredibly uncomfortable heels? Yeah, goodbye to that.

3. Your Bandage Dresses & Skirts

No more to discomfort. No more. Pretty sure I wore the same bandage dress and bandage skirt every weekend in college. I'm cringing thinking about it.

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4. Sweatpants

Don't get me wrong — I love sweatpants. And still own some. But you don't have to keep every single pair. Like, two or three will suffice.

5. Semi-Formal Dresses

You know the one I'm talking about. You wore it to every single semi-formal event. And that's OK! I did too. But now, in the real world, it's time to upgrade!

6. Worn-Out Leggings

We all have the pair that we've worn so much that they're hanging on by a thread. So much so that they're practically see-through. Time to go.

7. All Those T-Shirts

Like me, you probably have dozens of free t-shirts. Keep some for pajama sets, but really, I swear to you, you won't need all of them.

8. Your Super Old Backpack

I know it's hard to part with the backpack that you had all through high school and college. Believe me. But in certain industries, that backpack just won't fly for work. Take a photo to remember it forever, then get yourself a classic work tote.

9. Your Grungy Towels

When towels get old, they smell. If you're still holding on to your towels from freshman year, please, invest in some new, fluffy ones.

10. Those Free Plastic Sunglasses

Maybe you got them from a volunteer event or a frat party, but those cheap, colored sunglasses have got to go. Keep one pair if you must, but there's really no need to keep the rainbow of them.

11. Your Beat Up Furry Boots

I know they're comfortable. I've owned and loved a few pairs. I'm here to tell you that there are some other options out there, though! Equally warm, with a little extra polished points.

These points may seem harsh, and believe me, I've been this harsh on myself, but once I truly looked at what I had and thought about what I wanted my "grown up self" to look like, it was easier to let go. Looking polished and put together and feeling comfy are not mutually exclusive! If you happen to have just graduated, take this time, along with job searching, to start the new you.

Image: Fotolia