Meghan Trainor's Mom Is On 'Thank You'

Our parents do a lot for us. Like, you know, giving us life, food and shelter, nurturing us, that sort of thing. So, it's only fair that from time to time, we show them some all-encompassing love right back. And, I think it's safe to say that no one feels that more than a certain pop star. Meghan Trainor's mom, Kelli Trainor, is featured on her new track,"Mom,"giving her mother her well deserved time to shine in an extremely appropriately named tune. But, who is Kelli Trainor exactly?

First things first, after hearing her on that track, it's quite clear that this "Mom" ode was warranted. It's readily apparent where Trainor gets her sunny disposition from. (No offense to Mr. Trainor, of course.) It's just that, per the recorded phone conversation between Trainor and her mama, she seems like the absolute sweetest thing. But, there's always time on the next album for a song entitled, "Dad." It's not really out of the realm of possibility, either. The singer is clearly close with her pops and has even brought him along as her award show date and included him in her music video for, "Me Too," where he makes an adorable cameo.

But, back to all things Kelli. Other than being a mom and seemingly goodnatured person, the elder Trainor woman has got quite a full plate. Here are some things to know about her:

She's A Billboard Charting Artist

With a little help from the girl she birthed. Nbd, or anything.

She Owns A Jewelry Store

Well, co-owns with her husband, Gary. It's clear that this family is as close as they are successful. Plus, their main social media pages for the business is all about their daughter's accomplishments. It's pretty much the cutest. In fact, you should check out just one of their proud parent posts for yourself, here. *Wipes tear*

She's Super Supportive

In a paparazzi photo she uploaded to Instagram of her and her mother holding hands on the street, Trainor wrote,

"When I was too scared to go out to eat breakfast with my parents because there were mad paps and my mom said, 'Come on Meghan, grab my hand... you can do it.' I felt 5 again. Lol I love you mom. Don't know what I would do without you ❤ #THANKYOU"
You're never too old to hold your mom's hand, especially when she's offering it.

She's A World Traveler

Over on Kelli's Instagram, she's posted all kinds of travel photos, and a few Take me with you, Trainor fam!

So, you see, the reason why Trainor is so kickass is because she comes from someone pretty awesome, as well.