Drake's Beard Went Out On A High Note, Thankfully

I don't enjoy sending the masses into a state of panic, but it seems that something major has happened in the world today, and it simply needs to be discussed. My fearless friends, it seems that Drake has gotten rid of his beloved beard, and people are, quite frankly, losing it at the thought. I know, as if Friday the Thirteenth wasn't crazy enough, with all those black cats and ladders to be afraid of... now we have this?! Drake's beard is right up there with the most beautiful things in this world: butterflies, hugs from grandparents, fuzzy slippers... so it's baffling and, quite honestly, terrifying. The good news is that the last hours of Drake's beard were immortalized in a truly perfect way. Whew!

For background, Drake Instagrammed a photo in which he appeared bare-faced, to the shock and horror of the Twitter masses, and then he deleted it. In case you weren't aware, Drake's beard is so legendary, it has its own Twitter account. There's Angelina Jolie's leg at the 2012 Oscars, Matt Damon's short-lived ponytail, and Drizzy's facial hair. People care about this thing. Thankfully, his beard went out on a high note, all thanks to Jimmy Fallon.

No one knew it at the time, but Drake's May 12 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon would commemorate his beard's final hours... for now. The rapper was down to participate in a game called "Faceketball" with Fallon, putting his glorious beard front and center while Fallon launched mini basketballs at his head. Fallon even slam dunked, coming dangerously close to Drake's perfect visage, and thankfully didn't injure him in the process. If you want to know who won the intense shootout, watch the video above, but it seems to me this was the perfect way for Drake's beard to end its glorious run.

Only Drake and his follicles know what's in store for the cherished beard, but according to the now-deleted post, it'll be making its grand comeback in two weeks. I have no idea why it's coming back in two weeks, but Drake's caption referenced that he ditched the beard for his May 14 appearance on Saturday Night Live. Who at SNL is to blame for this crime against facial hair?!

Sadly, it seems only time will tell if fans will be reunited with Drizzy's beard. RIP Drake's beard. We hardly knew ye.

Image: Giphy