"Everyday" By Ariana G. & Future Brings The Heat

Oh, benevolent Ari. G, does your generosity know no bounds? As if she knew the wait for her next LP was getting to be too much to bear, Ariana Grande debuted song “Everyday" on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio show one week before Dangerous Woman hits shelves. The dynamite collaboration with Future is the fifth offering from the chanteuse's third album to hit the 'net, and much like the title cut, "Be Alright," "Into You," and "Let Me Love You," "Everyday" happens to be yet another white-hot jam.

Produced by pop maestro Ilya, “Everyday” is a grooving, pulsating track that wastes no time in steaming up the joint, and its lyrics mirror that vibe. “He giving me that good sh*t/That make me not quit, that good sh*t,” sings Grande before she launches into the equally subtle (and catchy!) chorus:

Oh, he give it to meEveryday, everyday, everydayHe give it to meEveryday, everyday, everydayOh, he give it to meEveryday, everyday, everydayHe give it to meEveryday, everyday, everyday

Whoa buddy. By "it," I don't think Ari means a cup of coffee. Or the mail. Or the newspaper. Or the weather report. *Grabs takeout menu sitting on desk drawer and folds it into a makeshift fan.*

In the second verse, Grande continues to up the ante:

Anytime, anywhere, baby boy, I can misbehaveBreathe me in, breathe me out, fill me up, running through your veins

By "misbehave," I don't think she means drink one too many cups of coffee. Or open someone else's mail. Or swipe a newspaper off of a neighbor's doorstep. Or leave the house without checking the weather report. *Grabs glass of water and douses own face.* *Waves makeshift takeout menu fan frantically.*

As for the part that made me fall out of my chair like the immature goober that I am? Well, that honor would have to go to this excerpt from Future’s verse:

I got your body and put it on drive andI got the keys andWe about to take us a vacationI’m about to put all this vintage loving on youBaby like it was the late '80sWhen you ride on me, baby rotate it

Toto, I don't think we're in Nickelodeon anymore. You can listen to "Everyday" on Apple Music:

We're so close to the finish line, Arianators: Dangerous Woman will be out May 20.