Tyga Confirms He And Kylie Jenner Are Over

It's official, everyone. On Friday, Tyga confirmed he and Kylie Jenner have broken up when asked by a TMZ reporter at the airport. And despite the tough questions, the rapper did a commendable job of keeping his cool during the whole exchange, admitting that not only had the couple, in fact, split up, but that Tyga still loves Jenner. Although the TMZ reporter clearly caught him off guard by asking whether age difference was a factor in his breakup with Jenner (she's 18, he's 26), Tyga got surprisingly real with his answer. "I think we're both just focused on our lives, our individual lives right now, and sometimes things don't work out, but... I love her," he told the outlet.

There has been a lot of speculation about what caused the split, with some, like TMZ, wondering if it was the age difference, others wondering if it had to do with the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian baby announcement, and Tyga's decision to congratulate his ex on Twitter.

But, whatever the true reason, Tyga's right that sometimes things just don't work out. And, it would be pretty understandable if the couple just buckled under the drama of a really, truly complicated future family tree. When asked how he felt about his former would-be brother-in-law Kardashian having a child with the mother of his son, Chyna, he answered, "I mean, yeah, people grow. It's time to evolve, so everybody should have opportunity to love and live their life."

There was one question, however, that Tyga just wasn't down for. When asked whether he believed Kardashian will be a good stepfather to his son, King Cairo, Tyga calmly shut the photographer down. "Don't go too far," he warned. (And that's pretty commendable. Think about what some other celebrity would do in that situation. You know that video camera would've been smashed to pieces.)

Now that Tyga's broken his silence on the split, it's only a matter of time before Jenner will, too, and maybe we can sort the true reason out in due time.