You Have To Watch 100 Years Of Kitten Beauty

Fact: Kittens are the universe's small, fluffy way of making up for all the terrible stuff out there, probably. Second fact: Much like our furry friends, each installment of Cut Video's "100 Years of Beauty" series is simultaneously fascinating and beautiful. Third fact: Your mind is about to be blown, because (fourth fact) Mashable has bestowed "100 Years of Kitten Beauty" upon the world, and it is just as adorable as you're hoping. Actually, considering it features a super-freakin-cute kitten model named Chili, it might be more adorable than you expect. Please prepare yourself to freak out accordingly.

But more on Chili later — before we begin, it's time for a little background. Back in 2014, Cut Video took the internet by storm with the first episode of "100 Years of Beauty in One Minute," which uses one model to track the evolution of beauty over the course of a century. After two years and dozens of installments including Mexican, Japanese, and Korean cultures, everyone still gets excited about the latest updates. The most recent official video, "100 Years of Syrian Beauty," was uploaded last month, but if you're antsy for your next "100 years" fix, today is your lucky day.

Mashable recently uploaded a parody video in the same style as Cut Video's "100 years" series, with one genius catch: The model is a fluffy orange kitten. Watch it here:

Without further ado, I would like you to meet Chili, seen here modeling the kitten fashions of 1910.

So vintage. Here she is featuring a look that was popular in the '40s.

And no decades-inspired video would be complete without '80s fashion.

Hmmm... I guess feline fashion is pretty timeless.