How Will 'Parenthood' Bring Haddie Back?

Though it's unlikely anyone really cared, Parenthood has been missing a main character for a while now, and they've decided to bring her home. Haddie Braverman is coming back to Berkeley, and we're wondering, why now? Adam and Kristina's daughter, played by Sarah Ramos, went off to Cornell University at the end of Season 3 and rarely looked back, only appearing briefly in Season 4 to support her mother as she was treated for breast cancer. Now she's set to return for this season's finale.

The series certainly hasn't struggled in her absence and by the time Haddie went off to college, she hadn't been given a compelling storyline in a while. It is possible that Haddie will just return to Berkeley for the summer, but hopefully Jason Katims and the rest of the show's writers have put some more thought into it.

Then there's the fact that she'll return for the season finale, which means either we'll get a wrap-up on the character, in case that episode becomes the series finale, or she'll be involved with some kind of cliffhanger that keeps us hooked for next season. Here are some theories for her return.

Working with Another Braverman

Now that Sarah is a photographer, Adam and Crosby's Luncheonette is both a recording studio and record label and Kristina is working to start a school, the Braverman's are involved in a few different careers that Haddie might be interested in. She might return to get some summer experience with one of her family members and figure out exactly what she wants to do.

Full-Time Babysitting

Busier adult Bravermans means that the young Bravermans might be in need of some help. Haddie could come home to make some extra money as a babysitter for her siblings while Adam and Kristina develop their new projects or for Aida and Jabar if Jasmine goes back to work, or for Victor and Sydney if Joel and Julia go through with their divorce. Maybe it will be all of the above and we'll get to see what a Braverman daycare looks like in season six.

Alex Returns

This would be the best-case scenario, but what if the return of Haddie also means the return of Alex? It's a long shot, since Alex is played by Michael B. Jordan who's officially the next Hollywood superstar and he'll probably be a little busy shooting the Fantastic Four reboot. Still, he should seriously consider it because he's the best thing that ever happened to boring old Haddie. He can get involved with Kristina's school, or the two could just bump into each other one day and watch their romance be rekindled.

Kristina's Cancer Returns

This is the absolute worst-case scenario and something no fan would ever want to see, but it is a possibility. Each of Haddie's few returns were because of Kristina's cancer, so it makes sense that she would come to take care of her mother again. Hopefully that's not the case and she'll have a much happier reason.

She's Pregnant

There are already a bunch of babies on Parenthood, why not add one more to the mix? Haddie would have to deal with some real adversity of her own for once and if the baby is Alex's? Best Parenthood storyline ever.

Images: NBC