Littlefinger Is Back To Plotting On 'GoT'

Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish has only been back on for one episode and the creep level already went up about a dozen ticks. Is Littlefinger really on Sansa's side on Game of Thrones ? His plan to send Arryn troops to the Boltons might have an ulterior motive. Let's discuss what we know. One thing is for certain — he is amassing an army. Not too long ago, Lord Baelish was asking for Lannister troops with which to secure the North. Now, he is working little Robin Arryn to send men to Winterfell instead. On paper, it seems like a noble plan. He might really want to save Sansa. I thought he cared about her enough to ensure her general safety... that is, until he left her with Ramsay Bolton.

The preview for next Sunday's episode hints that Sansa and Littlefinger reunite, and that she is suspicious of him as well. She straight up asks him if he knew Ramsay was the sadistic, little man he turned out to be. (Not in those words, but pretty much.) That said, I'm honestly not sure that Petyr Baelish's crush on Cat Stark is valuable anymore. Compare him to Severus Snape all you want, I don't trust him one bit. For all we know, Littlefinger has clearly been working on some kind of major scheme for a while now. He seemed completely unflustered when his lie about taking Sansa to the Fingers was uncovered. He didn't seem genuinely concerned that Sansa had escaped Ramsay. He also made a reference to joining "the frey" — and if that turns out to be a pun on House Frey, I may punch a wall.

Something is up, and I am not about it. Sansa better watch out. But, with as badass as she's been lately, maybe it's Littlefinger who's the one who needs to watch out.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO