Kourtney Kardashian & Corey Gamble Are BFFs Now

It's nice to get along with the special man in your mom's life, but is it necessary to be club hopping besties with him? I guess it just depends on which Kardashian you ask, because they all seem to have varying opinions on the subject. On Sunday night's new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians , Kourtney and Corey are hanging out a lot, and their whole family is basically wigging out about it.

And even though it seems to work for Kourtney and Corey — and nothing about their family is traditional — I can definitely see why Kim and Khloe are confused by it. It is kind of weird. Corey may be Kris' boyfriend, but he and Kourt are very close in age. And lately, they've been doing everything together from hiking with Kourt's kids to going out to bars and clubs with Khloe in tow. In fact, in the beginning of this week's episode, they were even grocery shopping together with Mason. Although photos of the two of them together have cropped up on Instagram from time to time, I never realized how frequently they were together. What's the deal?!

But Kim was able to get down to the bottom of things in one quick chat with Corey, and the answer is actually really, really sweet.

"I never had a household of people. I never had this dynamic," he explained. "You guys are family."

Aww. I take back everything I said earlier about his super close relationship with Kourtney being weird. It's true — it's rare to find a family as close knit as the Kardashians, made up of people who aren't just related but who also choose to spend a lot of their time together, even when they don't have to. And now that Corey has been welcomed in with open arms, who could blame him for taking advantage of the friendship and support they have to offer?

With every episode of KUWTK, I love Corey more. Hang out with these people all you want. I know I would if I had the chance!